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  1. ChristianTeen16

    How I found Faith

    My criteria for being Christian is accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. My argument is that if Jesus called us to follow him, and if not all his followers are Christian, then what are they? Why has the definition of following Christ become complicated? Most people consider people who worship Christ, and read the Bible Christian.
  2. My opinion about gays is that we know what the Bible says about being gay. But we also have to look at where it says love others as I have loved you. Yes the Bible says being gay is a sin. But I think as Christians we are being to harsh on gays. We don't act with a Christ like manner towards them, but we judge instead. I say don't throw away your friend ship away because your friend is gay. I'm praying for you and your friend.
  3. ChristianTeen16

    Do you Believe Catholics are Christians??

    @Zabby oh I thought you meant like worshipping them! Sorry I misunderstood x)
  4. ChristianTeen16

    Losing Faith

    I totally agree that we can all relate to Doubting Thomas. I'm Catholic, and in 3 weeks I was in Catholic school, then public school, then Christian school. I heard a lot of things that made me more confused, but it got better. If there was a big bang without God, there would be so much less likely and you would need more faith to believe in that instead of God. The same goes for free will. As people, we're the only species that has money systems, and jail systems, and clothing. Losing faith is a very hard time, but when you find a reason to believe again, your faith is even stronger I'm praying for you!
  5. ChristianTeen16

    Bullied at School

    do you have a favorite teacher that could talk to your person in charge? and I've gone through similar situation being a victim of a cyber bullying incident, and things like these do blow over. people forget and forgive. and there might be new kids next year who can relate to you
  6. ChristianTeen16

    Do you Believe Catholics are Christians??

    We don't pray to Saints, we ask them to pray for us. When I was 11, i remember I was going to a Protestant youth group with a friend. A lot of people asked me about that, and at the time I never heard of it. I asked me dad, and he said we can pray to God, for the help from Saints, but not directly to them.
  7. ChristianTeen16

    Spine Surgery

    Hey everyone My friend is having scoliosis correction surgery Monday, could you all please keep him in your prayers?
  8. ChristianTeen16

    Bullied at School

    I know exactly how you feel, I've been through a lot of bullying too. Do you have surveillance videos at your school? And you could call a meeting with your principal. Are there any other schools you can transfer too? I went to Catholic school and was bullied for being Catholic. Now I'm in Christian school. And also, have any friends or teachers witnessed what happened so they could tell the principal? Feel free to message me for questions or support You'll get through this!
  9. ChristianTeen16

    How I found Faith

    After thinking about it, I disagree with that I said Mormonism isn't Christian. Here's what it comes down to. In the Bible Jesus asked us to follow him, and we will be rewarded with the kingdom of Heaven. All he asked was for us to follow him. He didn't ask for us to split up into different dominations. Every domination is flawed. We get into debates. Some people say Catholics aren't Christian for communion, and they think "we pray to Saints." Catholics don't pray to Saints. Mormons obey what Jesus said, and follow him. Mormons don't believe in planets, and they don't follow polygamy anymore. Polygamy started in the Mormon faith because back in the day, Mormons kept being killed for their faith. In order to keep their domination alive, polygamy looked like the only option. Jesus didn't want Christianity to be as complicated as people are making it. That is why so many people became atheist. He asked to be followed, and that's what the Mormons are doing.
  10. ChristianTeen16

    How I found Faith

    I used to say the exact same thing that you're saying right now Wesker. But what defines us as Christians? Does Jesus Christ want us to debate about who worships best? Mormonism as a religion isn't very Christian, but look into the lifestyle of the ones who live it. They dedicate their lives to raising their kids as good as they can, and to worship. I left a school they claimed to be Catholic, but wasn't. Now I'm in a school that says it is Christian, and most students there are Mormon. Why would Jesus Christ let me leave a school that claims to be Catholic just to go to another "not Christian" school that has taught me about my faith? You just have to look at it through different perspectives
  11. ChristianTeen16

    Do you Believe Catholics are Christians??

    Catholics don't pray to saints. And the Catholic faith is what started a lot of the other Christian faiths. Of course Catholics are Christians.
  12. ChristianTeen16

    Catholic School

    hello my whole story is under testimonies, but I think it's a shame that Catholic schools are becoming so not Christian. So many of them have been built on the foundation of money instead of Faith. Parents send their children to Catholic schools so that they learn about their Faith and God, instead of being bullied because of it! I understand this isn't all Catholic schools, but as a Catholic teenager, I wish the administration of these schools will do something about these instead of finding more excuses.
  13. ChristianTeen16

    I Just...Feel...Trapped

    You're so strong and courageous! I'm praying for you
  14. ChristianTeen16

    How I found Faith

    Hey everyone I'm Kaitlyn. In my life, I always put my faith first. I've been through a lot, and I believe God gives me my challenges to make me stronger. One of my first big challenges was scoliosis. At the age of 11, I was told I have a 60 degree curvature. Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine. Any degree over 50, should be treated with surgery. I was bullied for scoliosis, I was called humpback. I had 2 surgeries a week apart at a Shriners hospital. That story ended up being a blessing in disguise. My surgeries went really well, when there were many, many chances for something to wrong. I've gone to Catholic school until the middle Sophomore year. My scoliosis story happened during 6th and 7th grade. When I was a Freshman in high school, I started a new school, high school. In my area, theres just one Catholic high school. I heard they're known for drugs and atheists, but I tried to give them the benefit of a doubt. Freshman year, I struggled with depression and weight gain, and also anxiety. The summer after Freshman year, I lost weight, so I am now at a good weight. Sophomore year I had more problems with anxiety. A lot of my friends started out Catholic, and became atheists and drug addicts. Middle of Sophomore year, I had my worst anxiety attack. I was telling my mom how I was there were more real Christians, and talked about all the things I didn't like about my school. I started to have a really hard time breathing, and broke into tears. My parents talked, and said I'm not going back to that school 2nd semester. It was hard, I had to leave my best friend. I tried public school for a week, and in english class we debated controversial topics. Then we looked into a Christian school. Luckily, I was accepted right away. I started struggling with my faith, asking why would God let me go through this if I had such strong Faith? When I started questioning, I remembered free will. I reminded myself people are the only species that has the systems that we do, like our money systems, and education. I realized believing in coincidences like a big bang, is less likely than God existing. At my new Christian school, I learned about different dominations. One of the biggest was Mormon, or LDS. I asked myself, are Mormons Christian, because their beliefs are so different? But when I saw that they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, I realized there are truly Christians. If my Christian school is teaching Faith better than Catholic school has taught me, how can they not be Christians? One of the hardest things I learned while going to my school is how to love myself. Realizing that all the bad that has happened is out of my control. As a Catholic at my Christian school, my Faith grew stronger than it ever was at Catholic school. I saw that God let this happen to me so that I have a story to tell, to inspire others. Please inbox me for any questions
  15. Hey everyone My name is Kaitlyn, and my youth group just cancelled so I'm looking for a place to meet other Christian teens. I really believe my faith has been tested this year. I had to leave Catholic school, because it wan't really Catholic. That's school's foundation was built on money, instead of faith. I went to Catholic school all my life until Sophomore year. Now I'm at a Christian school and I love it If you have questions about Catholics or about me inbox me