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    I'm weird. I love God, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, and music. And food. Food is good too
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    Reading, writing, listening to music, talking to people, exercising, etc.
    Have an insanely long list of bands I like. I like pretty much all types of music except old country, hard rap, and dirty songs of any genre.
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    Subway Employee
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    Bethany, B, Bizzy, Baby

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  1. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I became officially engaged! :)

  2. Going back to PA tomorrow!

  3. Bethany Elise


    Colorado Wings, is a Christian romance compilation of 4 books by Janie Peterson(?). They're really good books!
  4. Why do we put earthly things above God? He's the reason we even have what we do!

  5. Why do we put earthly things above God? He's the reason we even have what we do!

  6. Bethany Elise

    Hello everybody!

    lol it's true tho! people love talking about themselves..too much... O.o
  7. Bethany Elise

    Body Gossip

    I pretty much hate how I look, but meh. There's nothing physically wrong with me, so I can't complain (even though I could complain a LOT) Hair's too Irish/Scottish Face has too many freckles Butt's too big Belly's too..idk, white? Eyes are blue...ew
  8. Bethany Elise

    Rend Collective?

    OMGOSH YUS Who doesn't love 'em?!?! I dare anyone to defy their awesomeness!
  9. Bethany Elise

    Hello everybody!

    What is your first name? - Bethany Are you a male or female? - Female How old are you and when were you born? - 18 In which country do you reside in? - US Are you currently studying in a school? - Only the school of life What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have? - Reading, music, writing, spending time with friends and God, cooking Do you follow a certain faith? If so, what kind and are you part of a denomination? - I follow God, not a certain faith How did you hear about or find this forum? - my SO
  10. Bethany Elise

    Are thongs slutty?

    If what you're wearing is tight enough to show pantie lines, perhaps THAT is the problem, more so than the underwear? Underwear isn't seen, so it doesn't matter what they look like..but tight leggings, pants, etc. are seen. So you should be more concerned if what's over your underwear is slutty or not, imo
  11. Bethany Elise

    What book are you reading now?

    The Bait of Satan - John Bevere
  12. Read The Bait of Satan. It might help you with this whole situation. Spiritual maturity comes from obedience, not from age or knowledge. Being who God has called you to be, regardless of what anyone else thinks, is what's important. Maybe God doesn't intend for you to go to this school? Maybe He's testing you to see if you will handle this situation with love and obedience?
  13. How can one explain the overwhelming and intoxicating peace that comes from knowing and believing that God is with you and loves you no matter what?

    1. Diakonos


      I think it's not fathomable, and isn't meant to be.

    2. Chris-M


      Brain chemistry...?

    3. Bethany Elise

      Bethany Elise

      It was a rhetorical question, since I don't believe it can be explained

  14. Today, my boyfriend officially asked to court me :)

  15. it looks blue and gold to me...the light in the background is totally messing with whatever colors it actually is