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  1. Hey there. My name is Macey. I'm a 16 year old girl from Kentucky. I'm going into my junior year. I have struggled a lot in the past year. My mom and her most recent husband had a baby last october. Then about a month after he was born my mother decided she no longer wanted to be with her husband. It wasn't too big of a shocker. I had become used to her bringing men in and out of my life, but after my stepdad had left i became really depressed. Then my mom introduced me to a new man and later revealed to me that she had been in a relationship with this man since she was in the hospital going into labor with my baby brother back in october. Then about three months ago my mother broke up with the new guy and brought forth yet another new guy. She is still with him and she plans to marry him ASAP. At the beginning of this summer i made the decision to move out of my mothers and into my grandmothers. After moving into my grandmothers i went completely crazy. I was out all hours of the night. I made multiplr mistakes. I wish i could take it all back, but i know i cannot. I recently decided to commit myself to God. Something i have done once before but after everything i've done i needed to start over. I talked to my mother and i have decided to move back in with her in hopes that she might change. Also, in living with my grandmother i was lost. You see my bestfriend in the world is my 6 year old brother. I have only gotten to see him twice this summer because he is biracial and my grandmother is racist. My mother told me that my 6 year old brother approached her about a week ago saying that he wisjed he were white. This broke my heart. I love him so much, and knowing that he feels this way just kills me inside. I hope that when i move back home i can change his mind. In my title it says in need of prayers, i dont neccessarily mean for me. More for my brothers, my mother, my grandmother and basically everyone ihave told you about. I am trying to set an example for my familymembers by recommitting myself to God. I can only hope that they will turn their lives around. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read all of this. I know its a lot, and i apologize i just needed to let it out. Thank you, and God bless.
  2. Going through some struggles in my life. In need of prayers.