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    My name is Stephen, I'm a product design student @ Brighton
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    I like a number of things... the piano, american football, mixed martial arts, art (poetry and music) and inventing stuff.... :)
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  1. Music is indeed a very powerful medium that is used in pretty much everything. I've noticed that a lot of modern churches have lost the traditional look and I guess there's no harm in that. The issue is that more and more churches are adopting secular practises to make it more appealing to non-believers. I find it worrying that churches are willing to compromise just to fill more seats on a Sunday service. I've been to a church that plays everyday secular music before the service, after and in any intervals. I met up with the church leader during the week and asked why they did this. I'll add that the music was Kanye west's at the time. The long and short of his answer was along the lines of: ''it's okay because it's just background music. We didn't have our attention on it and worshipping it as such so there's no harm...'' I didn't want to argue so I agreed to disagree but I think it's wrong. I saw that Sunday as a modernised version of Matthew 21:12. The Church, aka The House of God, should be kept Holy. The use of secular music doesn't permit that because it do not bring glory to God. Is there a problem here or not? I want to raise another point on the use of evangelical Christian music as worship but I'll probably slip that in later.
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