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    reading, writing and drawing but I'm not good at it plus I love nature
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  1. I don't know, but please what do you have to say about revival in Ghana,:ohmy:.

  2. Confidence

    Justice and Peace

    I believe justice is vital for peace. When justice exists people will have peace. And when justice works, peace follows
  3. Confidence

    Five Years

    Wow congrats. Is it me or your avatar has always been an orange haired man?
  4. Confidence

    Please Pray

    I'll be praying for him
  5. Confidence


    You are welcome
  6. Confidence


    No I don't mind. Well it took prayers and a family sit down meeting where they talked about their problems with mediator being a leader in our church. I'll be praying for you too:)
  7. Confidence


    Hi Sharon, Im sorry to hear that. My name is Confidence, I get how you are feeling my parents used to do that too. It is nice to meet you though and akwaaba to CTF
  8. Confidence

    1 John 5:16-17

    Ah yes. I was reading kjv version. Thank you. Your explanation really helped
  9. Confidence

    1 John 5:16-17

    I was reading through the book of 1John and when I came to chapter 5, I was confused at the verse 16 and 17. I don't get the 'sin unto death' and 'sin not unto death'. I want to understand this, do we have mortal or immortal sin?
  10. Confidence

    A Letter From Hell

    Gabriel i think if earth really is hell we wouldn't strive for righteousness so as to escape 'hell'
  11. God with us. So close to us

  12. A year to my age. Thank you father.

  13. Confidence

    How often do you pray, and about what?

    I pray almost any hour. My dad comes home 'Thank you father, for bringing my dad home' I see the news, God please save this country. I'm on my way out, 'God lead my way'. I need something, 'Lord please make a way for me'. A friend is ill, 'Lord please lay your healing hand on them'. Definitely over ten times.
  14. Confidence

    Possible New Job

    Hmm I know that feeling, you are in my prayers.
  15. Confidence

    Guatanamo bay

    Thank you, that settles it