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  1. Confidence

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you too. I loved the white christmas video. Try this link below too. you'll love it Africa style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKZlwpRdz-M
  2. I only understood Raven(a bird) well you might be as graceul as that bird in it's coat of black feathers
  3. Well then can I say Jesus was Natascha? I think you are a well-wished-for-child
  4. Well beautiful and admirable moon of Saturn. You've got a long meaning for just a short meaning
  5. Jael is one of my favourite women in the Bible And yes you are blessed
  6. Hell's foundations are shaking, wanna know why cause Christ is born. Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. Confidence

    NEW! NEW!

  8. The greatest ever is born unto us!!

  9. I love the name Ashley but an Ash tree? Is it a tree that produces ash or it's just called Ash tree?
  10. Confidence

    "Body Mods"

    What Bryce is trying to tell you is that by doing these 'body mods' you are trying to tell God he did a horrible job on creating you that's why you go in for those 'mods' to enhance your appearance. After all he created us in his own image and his image is absolutely perfect.
  11. My Saviour has been born

    1. SwordMaiden


      Who is Christ the Lord. =)

    2. Jesusismyticket


      Hail Jesus our Lord <3

    3. Confidence
  12. Confidence

    Is it wrong?

    One characteristic of him is he is the snake under grass type
  13. Confidence

    Is it wrong?

    It also turns out he did the same with a former female teacher and the matter had to be taken to the Headmaster and the lady had to leave to avoid further dispute I'm a girl please.
  14. Confidence

    Which version of the bible do you use?

    KJV plus Good news sometimes
  15. Confidence

    Annoying Things

    A guy always overcomplimenting me and thinking because I accept them with a smile that I'm in a relationship with him. And the worst thing he goes around preaching it to others that I'm his girlfriend so they should stay away from me.
  16. Confidence

    Boyfriend pushing for sex

    Sister, what I will and can tell you is run for your life now
  17. Ready to fight the last battle of the year 2014 in preparation for 2015. Theme: With God everything is possible

  18. Confidence

    What do you think of an Atheist?

    @afriendlyatheist, I must confess that when I first read your name I thought all atheist were scary that's why you added 'friendly' to your name to not scare people.
  19. Confidence

    Older or Younger Guys?

    Definitely older for me. Three years interval at most will be norm for me
  20. Confidence

    Ask A Girl.

    To me, actions count more than compliments. (I get compliments from my Dad and brothers and if you are a friend and you compliment me there will be no difference btn that and what my family do)
  21. Confidence

    I need someone to talk to

    Wow I thought when I feel like that I'm the only person like that. But you should know that it always passes and don't let it drive you away from your dream rather be strengthened through it. Fight through those web of emotions that cloak your mind. Hope this little advice works