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  1. You might be down for a moment. Feel like it's hopeless. That's when he reminds you that you are an OVERCOMER!

  2. Welcome, praying you will be blessed on CTF. In fact you are blessed just by joining
  3. ^^Wesker please use English I understand Oh and a warm welcome to CTF Pastor Dre
  4. Confidence

    Hey, I'm new.

    Hey , welcome to CTF, I'm Confidence
  5. Daniel Kolenda was in GH for a crusade which I attended and I have been blessed with the Holy Spirit

  6. I don't. Do you mind telling me why you relate to him?
  7. Confidence


    When the second coming occurs every eye will see him but when the rapture occurs no one will see him and no it wasn't all taken from Matthew 24 but from a whole lot other source
  8. Confidence


    I would actually think of rapture
  9. Confidence


    Wesker, this is for you, Matthew 24: 40-41 "Then two men will be in the field, one is taken and one is left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left. Try reading the whole of Matthew 24 and tell me what you think. If this doesn't speak rapture to you tell me so I find more. Btw, the site you spoke about doesn't relate to Rapture.
  10. I would really like to know whether majority of Christians are women or men.
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    I just checked it out and pardon me but I find the english words too big for me too digest at once so I'll keep reading with a dictionary to assist me and I will voice out what I thought of it later.
  12. Confidence


    Wow, Wesker because of you I'm going to have to dig into my rapture notes and let the Bible swallow me.
  13. Confidence

    Do we have women as the majority in Christianity?

    So would you say women are more closer to God's heart than men and that women are God's lastborn? Just asking
  14. Confidence

    New and looking for a friend.

    Hi I'm Confidence welcome to CTF
  15. Confidence


    1 Corinthians 15:51-53
  16. Confidence


    Stan, you've got some ideas that are highly debatable. This world is headed for destruction just like Noah's time. And saying we are not obliged to stay till the return of the Lord to change the world is confusing to me. I believe we have the power to change the world but there is always a but. It's not like Christians are sitting ducks, well somehow we maybe but this world is under the control of the Prince of Darkness and there is a set time the Lord has made when he will overcome him.
  17. Confidence


    But guys, there is proof of rapture in the Bible.I think the order is like this: Rapture-Tribulation-Second Coming-Millenium-Eternity
  18. Confidence


    Wow, then do you believe in the second coming?
  19. Just got my first ever salary earned through a sore throat from singing

  20. Confidence

    An Introduction of Me, Myself, and I

    Hi! Welcome to CTF, I pray you will be blessed on here
  21. Confidence

    Do we have women as the majority in Christianity?

    Sorry, I couldn't figure how to make the poll
  22. Confidence

    Revelation 5:1

    I need ideas on the seven seals. Do you think it has already been broken or not yet?
  23. Confidence

    Sweet Things

    For me, it was my baby brother creating nicknames for me every single day