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  1. Confidence


    Hello, welcome to CTF.
  2. Interesting poem.I love it
  3. Confidence

    Are the Jews Still God's People?

    Yes, nicely said
  4. Confidence


    Welcome to CTF, hope you will have a great time here as well
  5. Confidence

    Israel & Gaza

    That's why the Lord always fight for them. Try comparing the deaths in Israel to theirs there is a huge difference
  6. Confidence

    Deutronomy 22:5

    We all know what it says. So the question is are we following it and are we supposed to follow it?
  7. Confidence

    Israel & Gaza

    All I can say is Israel was attacked first and all they did was retaliate but it seems Gaza is taking the fall. Israel hardly receives any hit
  8. Confidence

    I had sex...

    once you are born again you are a new creation bought by the blood of Jesus. so you are his now. he has given you a new slate to start again. You've been given a chance use it wisely
  9. Confidence

    It's ok receive a spanking?

    I don't know but it's right and wrong in my perspective. They do it because they want to correct you. At times it's needed but at times it's totally unnecessary as they need to accept the fact that you are not perfect and make mistakes. It wasn't until recently that my parents stopped punishing(usually slapping) me. I talked to them voicing my opinions and they did listen. Praying it will work for you too.
  10. Confidence

    Hi, I'm new

    Welcome sis, hope your heart request is fulfilled on here and you will be blessed once again welcome
  11. Confidence

    I'm here!

    Welcome, hope you will be blessed on here as I'm being blessed. I'm a newbie too
  12. I love the Lord and I won't take it back

  13. Confidence

    What Do You Do When Ticked Off?

    It's really difficult but you get the strength to keep sane through prayer personally I have a terrible temper but i have been able to keep it in check though not by my might for sometime now. All I do is concentrate on breathing and start to quote some verses pertaining to the subject
  14. Confidence

    How I found Faith

    well said
  15. I believe the King James bible is the one all Christians must use. Others have important verses ommited. For example Matthew 18:11. check it out

    1. Lefebvre


      Well, reading the Qu'ran in Arabic only is largely due to the position of Arabic as a unifying language within the worldwide Muslim umma; grounding the religion in a specific culture. That having been said, there are still varying Arabic translations, scripts, etc used for the Qu'ran. (Also, Muhammedians? Is this 1914?) -- That having been said, the Apostles didn't really have a Bible and while it is helpful, it isn't entirely necessary to stick with a Bible updated for dictio...

    2. Lefebvre


      ...diction, the only relevant updates in all honesty would be passages which may have been false or excised, but even that isn't so cut and dry; as many Christian denominations disagree on what. exactly, constitutes the Bible to begin with.

    3. Confidence


      I understand you can never read one Bible and expect to get full understanding. But I would rather have a Bible that is full. Again i am not against other bible. Sometimes i compare Good News to KJV and Amplified version as well. But the important thing here is you gain understanding when you read it

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  16. Confidence

    Hey people!

    Thank you so much
  17. Confidence

    Hey people!

    Thank you. My dad said he named me Confidence because he believes you need to have confidence in the Lord
  18. Confidence

    Hey people!

    hey, my name is confidence. I'm a newbie and i joined to meet other people in our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm from Ghana in West Africa. Hope I will be imparted positively here.