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  1. I believe the King James bible is the one all Christians must use. Others have important verses ommited. For example Matthew 18:11. check it out

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    2. Lefebvre


      Well, reading the Qu'ran in Arabic only is largely due to the position of Arabic as a unifying language within the worldwide Muslim umma; grounding the religion in a specific culture. That having been said, there are still varying Arabic translations, scripts, etc used for the Qu'ran. (Also, Muhammedians? Is this 1914?) -- That having been said, the Apostles didn't really have a Bible and while it is helpful, it isn't entirely necessary to stick with a Bible updated for dictio...

    3. Lefebvre


      ...diction, the only relevant updates in all honesty would be passages which may have been false or excised, but even that isn't so cut and dry; as many Christian denominations disagree on what. exactly, constitutes the Bible to begin with.

    4. Confidence


      I understand you can never read one Bible and expect to get full understanding. But I would rather have a Bible that is full. Again i am not against other bible. Sometimes i compare Good News to KJV and Amplified version as well. But the important thing here is you gain understanding when you read it