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  1. kaylav16

    Please pray

    I've been struggling with depression, self harm, and an eating disorder for quite a while now. It's recently gotten worse, and some prayers would be helpful. Thanks everyone.
  2. kaylav16

    I had sex...

    I realize I made a horrible mistake. I have had sex with 2 different guys. I'm afraid that I will never be forgiven for my sins. I was not Christian when I made these mistakes as I have just recently accepted God into my life, and I wish I could take back what I did. I have promised myself and Him that I will not engage in sexual activities again until I am married. However I'm very worried that I will become weak and sin again. How can I ask for forgiveness for these sins?
  3. kaylav16

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, my name is Kayla. I've recently accepted Jesus into my heart. I've made some very, very bad mistakes in my life lately and I have been praying every night that He will forgive me for my sins. I hope to make some new friends that can help me and guide me through this change in my life.