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  1. Just saw Family Force 5 and the News Boys. My eardrums suffered a lot, but it was worth it :D

    1. curryjacket
    2. Buoyancy


      Ew. Newsboys. Gross.

      FF5? Only if Soulglow, only if soulglow...

  2. FriendOfGod

    An Introduction of Me, Myself, and I

    Glad to have you on here CARSTEN . GOD BLeSs P.S. : *your name is forever capitalized according to my cellular device (wow that is a funny phrase haha not even a phrase but you get the point I'm sleepy now goodnight )*
  3. FriendOfGod

    Hey, I`m new to this.

    WELCOME TO CTF HOPE I'm Janvie, and I'm fairly new to this site too. I hope you enjoy it here. And that we can become friends
  4. FriendOfGod

    Sharing Jesus

    That's amazing. Today there's a lot of people around campus giving away bibles to people
  5. FriendOfGod

    Youth group events :)

    Going to a conference. That's for the youth . If your up for traveling.
  6. FriendOfGod

    Hi! I'm Asia!

    Hi Asia, I'm Janvier
  7. FriendOfGod

    Pen Pal

    Sorry for not elaborating. Not actual pen pals as in writing letters. But something like Laurel said!!
  8. FriendOfGod

    How many Kids?

    How many kids would you like to have. Do you want the average ,or more maybe none? What do you think about having a big family. Like +12 kids. Do you think its crazy, or cool?
  9. Currently watching 19 kids and Counting