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  1. Faithful

    Please help me...Family Problems

    I know it's really a hard situaton but hang on for the Lord is watching and has a better plan for you and your family..........No situation is permanent......Always be hopeful and know the Lord has a better plan for you and your family....just keep praying and always know every single prayer you say is heard by the Lord.
  2. Faithful


    it's okay to cry but I think it's better you do it when no one is seeing
  3. Faithful

    I need some advice

    Always keep in mind what you want to become and balance between the subjects by drawing a time table for each subject so that you give each subject equal time and make a discussion group with your friends so discuss the subjects which will help tou understand them better
  4. Faithful

    Sexual Sins (In Desperate Need of Help!)

    First of all the Bible says that God has given us a spirit of sound mind,confidence not one of fear and that it is not by our works that things happen but by God's works,so... you cannot stop the watching of porn and masturbating but pray to God to change your thinking that you may get to know His will for your life,surely God is just and faithful and He will help you over come all that and i want to remind you that sin has no dominion over you for you have power in Christ Jesus
  5. Faithful

    Sexual problemos

    Try to keep yourself busy,every time you get the urge to masterbate or watch porn,find something to keep you busy and after a few minutes it will all be gone .
  6. Faithful

    NEW! NEW!

    Hey,am new here and am Alvin... looking forward to making new friends
  7. Faithful

    16 and Never Been Kissed

    Kissing is not all about age,you could get your first kiss at any age,i personally got my first kiss at 14 and any other person could get at 12,18 or any other age