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  1. well ive always been taught to worship on the sabbath which I think is sunday soo... I dunno, ive always did that, but if i feel that i need to spend extra time with God, i would
  2. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Black Nail Polish ?

    here did it say it's God's opinion Do you not state your point and explain why you believe it? That's what I was doing. If you believe I'm imposing ideas on you then sorry
  3. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Black Nail Polish ?

    i dont understand how sharing my opinion in an open discussion is imposing my ideas on someone else, my opinion is my opinion, its a open discussion. I'm not saying anyone should do anything, only God can do this. He asked a question to everyone, and everyone gave their OWN OPINION so please stop saying im telling people how to dress or whatever, because we were all born into different backgrounds etc. if i was a boy and i did this in my house, it would feel weird and my parents wouldnt even allow it.
  4. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Black Nail Polish ?

    as Christians we shouldnt follow what is wrong, just because man says something is right doesnt make it right. I dont really see why you have become somewhat 'offended' by my view, its my opinion, not yours so i dont think its silly, it is merely the truth.
  5. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Homosexuality, According To The Bible

    i think you are reading into this too much? and when the bible talks about man, it refers to everyone including women, remember us women are descendants of man? Adam? whether man or woman, homosexuality is a sin. the bible says go forth and multiply? you cant even do that with a same sex couple can you, thats not following the commandments of God God is referring to homosexuals you shall not lie with a male as with a woman when you lie with a woman e.g. get in bed with the (most of the the time) the intention is sex, God gave sex between a man and woman. And yes you can have sex with a man, like you would with a woman but i dont really wanna get into that (that makes me feel awkward) . If it was acceptable to God to be homosexual, God would have given examples, because the bible seems to have an answer for everything, either directly or indirectly, so we as Christians would definitely know about it it, God would have even made adam a little boyfriend, who knows but the key thing is that it is an abomination: it is hated, despised by God, just like any other sin, but that doesnt mean we wont be forgiven, if we come with a repentful heart then God will show mercy to us, but i feel even saying that God allows homosexuality, God made them, that it is shameful but not a sin blah blah blah is even an offence to God because we are even trying to the change the word of God. thats how i feel anyway
  6. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Homosexuality, According To The Bible

    well, if read what you said, all ill say is that God does not contradict himself, we need to understand that what God says goes, whether we like it or not Leviticus 18:22 22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. this is what i believe, so i feel theres no arguing about it really. I feel that us humans always like to change things to suite our everyday needs, because ive been approached by many people who have even said to me there are homosexuals in the bible!! But i just believe the word of God and many people struggle because we dont want to hear of truth? (if that makes sense) I just feel that we need to just stop justifying sins because of the way non-believers would potray us in the world. I also thought there was nothing wrong with being gay but upon reading the bible ive realised, God does not lie. God knows it all. If God did contradict, well he wouldnt be God right? I do however respect your onion on this matter God bless
  7. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Black Nail Polish ?

    im not a people, im a person, its my opinion...its not like im imposing my ideas on you, its the way i feel and last time i checked , im allowed to be here?
  8. does it even matter what day we worship on? I could worship on a monday if i wanted to and Jesus/God will still be the focus?
  9. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Homosexuality, According To The Bible

    Im not trying to be rude or anything but is this post even necessary ? We all know what the bible says on this matter 1 Corinthians 6:9-109Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals,nor sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. We know its a sin so is there any reason even justifying it? it doesnt mean we should go to them and say 'repent or youll go to hell' because as sin is a sin, whether homosexual or murderer. The bible says love your neighbour, we are all sinners
  10. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Black Nail Polish ?

    yes and that does apply to 'pants' or trousers for women. everyone wears shirts and socks, unless you wanna walk around naked
  11. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    I want to know more about God

    Hello, wow I am so happy for you!! God bless you brother Dont worry, I recently became born again but my family are Christians. I didnt feel i was living my life the right way. Just hold on to God, read your bible, worship him, praise him and he will love you and look after you. It will be hard, it will get like that because the devil has lost a soul, he wants you to burn in hell fire but you deditacted your life to Jesus. The devil will try and tempt to you sin, believe me. But God is loving and forgiving, if you sin repent, Jesus will forgive. I hope you stay with God through this journey because you dont know how much God will bless you for surrendering yourself to him. Dont worry about family, they may not like it that you are born again, just pray for them and ask God to lead them to the right path God bless
  12. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Does this sound like a form of sexual abuse? *Long and personal*

    Firstly, I thank God for your life, for allowing him to discuss this with people. You must have found it hard to do so. God loves us all, remember that, the devil always tries to destroy each and everyone of our lives in every way possible. But, it is important that we allows stick to God and walk with him. Now, I studied psychology and im afraid this is a form of sexual abuse. Firstly, the little kids that had wanted to play 'games' with you were older than you, if you were the same age, it would be different. As they were older than you, it is considered sexual abuse as you did not knw any better. I think the best thing for you to do is pray, ask god to help you, surrender your life to him fully, and love him like he loves you. secondly , I feel you should talk to a therapist/psychologist, especially if you have been suffering from this for a long time, talk to a professional about it because they will know how to deal with the situation. thirdly, talk to your spouse if you already havent, if you talk to him, you can patch up your marriage; remember marriage is a two-way street. This will make him see it from your point of view. But above all, always go to god for help, we cant live without him, ask the holy spirit to guide you, so you dont have these fantasies etc again. And you are not dirty, if you are so am I, we all are. We are all sinners in Gods eyes but that why Jesus gave his life for us, to cleanse us and make us new so, dont feel that way i hope this has helped you sister-in-Christ, God bless you
  13. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Black Nail Polish ?

    We need to be careful on this. Yes the bible does not say it's a sin but does it make it right? I suggest you pray firstly, we don't have the answers, only God does. So I suggest pray, secondly look in the bible. Yes, the bible doesn't say anything about it but look at Dueteronomy 22:5 it says A woman must not wear mens clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this. God doesn't like this,.anything that is meant for women should not be worn by men. I believe the Lord dropped this passage in my heart for you, so then it does make wearing nail varnish a sin as it's for women. Whether you chose to take it on board is your opinion but again I feel this is the right passage, God bless
  14. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Where will you go when you die?

    i pray God shows you true love that will cause you to have faith
  15. savedbyhisgrace_xo

    Where will you go when you die?

    Ive recently changed my life around and im trying to get closer to God so i hope i go to Heaven