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    Thanks you guys
  2. Lily James


    About a month ago we chatted a bit but the last time we had like a meaningful conversation was about 6 months ago...every time I try to talk to him he gets like really awkward and than I get awkward and we both just shut up
  3. Lily James


    Thanks Zabby
  4. Lily James


    he's 14 I will be 13 soon...its really not that big a difference... I keep hearing from everyone including his friends that he likes me he just dosent act like it..we used to be able to read each others minds when we were younger but now we can't anymore...he's an actor he's really hard to interpret
  5. Lily James


    Thanks Bethany that made me feel a lot better
  6. Lily James


    Thanks for the advice...I know I am a little young for dating but I'm really upset that he isn't even nice to me anymore.this year he has been on and off acting like maybe he has a crush on me,and than pretending I don't exist. it dosentake sense to me that he can be like flirting with me and than ignoring me.
  7. Lily James


    So theres this boy who goes to my church and I've had a big crush on and we used to be really great friends but now he doesn't talk to me much a lot of people say he has a crush on me but he's NEVER shy ever and he's a freshman this year and I'm only in 7th grade and we have so so much in common that I'm positive we would be a great couple but I'm so shy I can't even get his phone number.What should I do to make sure he views me as a potential girlfriend and not just his moms friends daughter who I used to be friends with???