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  1. HopeLeighs

    21 Days of Fasting: Motivation

    I love the Daniel fast! My church does it every year around Febuary and the first couple of days are the grades but then you become used to it. Plus it's healthy for you and will give you a good cleanse.
  2. HopeLeighs

    Very new, much curious

  3. HopeLeighs

    ISIS kills 21 Coptic Christians in Libya

    Seeing this video hurts me but then again it reminds me to be thankful for the freedom of speech (we have left) in America, ISIS needs to be stop but the part that hurts my heart is that this has been going on for a while and America has not taken action.
  4. HopeLeighs

    Older or Younger Guys?

    He is a creep and a percent but I'm refering to the way he dresses.
  5. HopeLeighs

    Older or Younger Guys?

    I don't admire him at all just his clothes.
  6. HopeLeighs

    Urban, Suburban, or Rural?

    I live in an Urban city, far (3+ hours away) from nearest farming area.
  7. HopeLeighs

    Dressing modestly

    True, I was just being sarcastic. How about if you wouldn't wear it to church or around your parents (considering your parents don't let you dress immodestly), don't wear it.
  8. HopeLeighs

    Dressing modestly

    Indeed he did, but when they sinned that caused them to be embarrassed of being naked and that's why they covered themselves.
  9. HopeLeighs

    Dressing modestly

    Well said. If you wouldn't wear it in front of God, don't wear it. That's how I put it.
  10. HopeLeighs

    Ask A Girl.

    It all depends on the girl....For me 1. Hair 2. Style (Clothes) 3. Personallity 4. Smell 5. Respectfulness 6. Caring 7. Good with kids 8. Nice 9. Active 10. Mature
  11. HopeLeighs

    Ask A Girl.

    I used to avoid any contact with them, but now that im older I will make it somewhat clear, I will talk to them and stare at them sometimes and also I do have to admit I play hard to get for most of the guys that like me and if I don't like the guy I will make it very clear (ignoring them, avoiding them, etc.)
  12. HopeLeighs

    Body Gossip

    I have to say that im comfortable with my body, I used to hate my body but as a dancer I had to embrace it and it`s flaws. I love my somewhat toned legs and stomach but I do wish I was the same color from head to toe. Also I wish I had longer legs and wasn't only 5'6. Sure sometimes I feel awkward when I try some clothes on because I have more going on, on the back part than my upper body, but it took a while for me to love my body.
  13. HopeLeighs

    Ask A Girl.

    Roses are a nice gift, but the color of the roses show what you`re really trying to say. (well for me) Red is love, White is interested and Pink is "I like you" and any other color to me means just a friend. Unless their black roses that means that you`re an awesome valentine for finding black roses. I would prefer black of white roses.
  14. HopeLeighs

    What are your thoughts on Valentines Day?

    I love romance and being romantic but, this does not apply to me this year.