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  1. I need some advice on this somewhat tricky subject. A bit of background first. In early 2009, I had seen the PIXAR movie known as WALL-E and joined a forum dedicated to the movie (among other things later on) in the middle of that year. That's where I had my first relationship with Catherine in mid-2010, an agnostic (later turned Christian due to my testimony sometime in early 2011), which lasted until the middle of 2013 (minus the small breakup between July and December of 2010). At the same time, I met other friends from around the world, three of them I ended up meeting in real life (Catherine in 2011 (twice), Madison in 2013 (once), and Kirsten in 2014 (five times so far)). This girl that I recently met, Kirsten, is the primary subject of this topic. Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I started developing some feelings for her. We had known each other for five years beforehand only in an online environment, and it was in mid-August of this year that she was right there, face to face with me in my own backyard. After spending quite some time with her, I started to develop a crush on her. I got to know her better as we talked and found out that she's an agnostic. She just doesn't know what happened, but is likely to make a choice if she see's concrete proof. When we met late last month in October, I told her that I have a crush on her, and she described the feeling as neutral. The past relationships have been a disaster one way or another (how, I have no clue) and she seems to wants to spare me from that. But I seem to think that it goes further then that. It feels like unrequited love, where I love her and she doesn't love me, even though I have not asked her weather or not she does. The advice I'm asking for in this thread is about dating a non-believer, that is, if she does indeed want to have a relationship. From my understanding, the Bible doesn't say anything about dating, due to dating being a more recent phenomenon that has only existed within the past century or so. I know about the whole equally unyoked doctrine, but I dated Catherine for several months as she was a non-believer before she was converted, so why can't the same thing happen with Kirsten? I guess that's just my logic. But anyways, I've been praying about her quite often these past three months. I just want it to work out somehow.
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    New and looking for a friend.

    Welcome to the forum! I've been homeschooled most of my life (better then public school 100%!). You could PM me anytime ^^
  3. My first name+year I joined the website+first initial of my last name. Been using the same pattern since 2009.
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    Cast A Musical (or Movie, TV Show, Book)

    House of Cards (U.S. version) Carsten2014b as Francis Underwood Allons-y99 as Claire Underwood Bishop21234 as Garrett Walker MsAnonymous as Zoe Barnes Mike Spero as Lucas Goodwin Josh (J) as Douglas Stamper
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    CTF Marriages

    How about you be the bride and I be the groom?
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    CTF Marriages

    Ready and willing
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    CTF Marriages

    Ah, but the thing is that I prefer to consent before marrying. I don't just go off marrying at random.
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    CTF Marriages

    Pardon me, but how does one exactly get "married" on CTF? Is there a place that you could advertise your singleness or do you just let things flow naturally?
  9. Well, well, well, where to begin? My name is Carsten. I'm 19 year old from the United States of America. I was born in Denver and had lived there for two years until I moved to California until 2011 when I moved to Indiana where I currently reside. I have studied German for three years now, two in school, and one in independent study after the German course (sadly) was dropped. I was born as an extreme premie, being 3 months and 15 days early than expected. Because of this, I have made June 9th my unofficial birthday, so more cake and ice cream! My personality is more reserved, so I usually like doing things by myself though I am OK with teamwork groups. I can also be random at times, and funny. Some say that I'm from the UK or Australia for whatever reason, but personally, I hate hearing my own voice after it's been recorded. I'm usually shy when it comes to taking pictures and I'm sometimes nervous around other people, usually because I don't know what to say or talk about. Religious-wise, I'm a Christian, but I'm tolerant when it comes to other religions. Same with political parties and basically anything else. I prefer seeing the other side of things to get a more full view on things. My parents were Christian, so I was raised in a Christian household of course. I was saved physically in 1995 and spiritually in 2009. As I said before, I was an extreme premie, weighing 1 pound, 7 ounces and I was half an inch shy of being as long as one foot. Seeing that I was going to die (the doctors did everything they could and I was just getting worse) at the young age of 19 days, my parents got to hold me and prayed their hearts out as they were with me in what was supposed to be my final moments. I was saved by God that day. My dad felt his presence in that room as my vitals were going back to normal. I was finally baptized in May of 2009 along with my brother. This July, my other brother and both of my parents were baptized as well.
  10. Welcome to the forum Carston! I'm Brooke, and I hope you'll enjoy it here. :)

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      Its Carsten lol And thanks Brooke :) I hope I enjoy it here too ^^

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      Don't know how that happened. (0_0)