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  1. Welcome to the forums! :)

  2. TarpyShazaam

    How do you get to know God?

    I feel close to God because I pray to him all the time, whenever I need guidance, strength, courage or self-discipline.
  3. TarpyShazaam

    Hey, so the Catholic church is pretty huge

    Allow me to alleviate some of your quandaries. We don't pray "to" the saints, although that is what it seems like. We pray "through" the saints; that is, we ask the saints to pray TO God FOR us. We probably pray through Mary more often than through other saints because she is our model for compassion, so we ask her to have compassion for us. This is shown in the "Hail Mary", a common prayer, to which the final words are "Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death." Yes, we are allowed and encouraged to read the bible on our own. The most commonly cited English version, at least in my region, is the New American bible. I think I have two or three in my room, I know my brother has one, each of my parents has at least one, and we have a family bible. We do pray directly to God, probably much more frequently than we pray through saints. Most of our formal prayers are directly to God, such as the "Lord's Prayer" or "Our Father". I don't understand why you may have heard we don't do this, but keep in mind that many Catholics are Catholic only in name, but don't actively participate in their religion. Mass is hard for me to relate to you because I don't know much about any Protestent church services, so I will try to explain it as if you were completely clueless. It is a formal gathering that Catholics are required to attend on Sundays (or commonly on Saturday evenings) and on holy days of obligation, such as Christmas, or All Saint's Day. It consists primarily in the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. In the Liturgy of the Word, we have an Old Testament reading, followed by a Psalm, followed by a New Testament reading (not the Gospel, usually an Epistle, or the Acts if in Easter season) followed by a Gospel Reading. These readings are always related to eachother in some idea. We then generally hear a homily in which the priest or deacon ties the readings together and relates them to life in the modern world. In the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the only part that's really important for me to mention is the Eucharist itself, also called Communion. The priest verbally recalls the Last Supper for us, while he performs the miracle that we call transubstantiation, in which he turns bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Part of Catholic belief is that this is not a representation; it is actually becoming the Body and Blood. It is then distributed among the assembly who have recieved the sacrament of the Holy Communion before. Mass also has a lot of prayers worked into it, and a lot of music, which really ties the whole thing together and makes it a beautiful thing, in my humble opinion. Weekday Mass, which doesn't fulfill the obligation of Sunday Mass, is very similar, but has no New Testament reading and doesn't usually have all the prayers that are said at Sunday Mass. I hope I answered some of your questions okay, feel free to ask more:)
  4. TarpyShazaam

    Salvation: Faith alone or Faith + Works

    In my humble opinion, you can have great love for Christ and belief in salvation, but still be an utterly terrible person. As an old-fashioned Catholic, I believe faith and works need to go together.
  5. I've never liked Christian movies like this, to be honest. Facing the Giants would have made a good book, but as a movie, I was beating my head against the chair in front of me every second I spent watching it in class on my last day of seventh grade. The trailer for the movie adaptation of Heaven is for Real had similarly effects on me, despite the fact that I love the book. And I can't imagine any dating site being a good basis for a movie plot. This trailer was painful to watch, though at least it was painful in a slightly fun way. Basically, I think this movie's gonna crash like the Green Lantern movie.
  6. I never realized this sums me up... artist, musician, gamer and geek
  7. TarpyShazaam

    Hello from a noob!

    Hello people of the CTF! This is a forum that I think I've come across several times before, but for unknown reasons have never joined until roughly five minutes ago. So here is some brief information about me: I'm fourteen. I'm Roman Catholic. I go to a Catholic high school. There is currently a warm, soft cat sitting on my lap. That's it for now! Did I say the "Hello" part? Hello! How are you! I look foward to making friends 'round these parts.