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    I'm 18. Most people know me as shy, quiet and soft-spoken.
    Voice is nasally almost baby-like. Haha.
    College freshmen.
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    Why are people saying this?

    Thanks, for answering my questions everyone!
  2. Hi, Recently, I've just begun re-reading the Book of Revelation since, I stopped being afraid of it. LOL. I have also, been on youtube and reading articles about the anti-christ since this world is going crazy. I came across a tweet that said, "God is Lucifer, and Jesus is Satan." I thought that doesn't make any sense and I went online further to investigate because it seemed like a lie from Satan hisself. He's so easy at deceiving people it's not even funny. Do any of you know how that insane theory came about? Also, I have been reading a lot of controversial stuff about what the Pope has said, and it seems to me that he isn't really "holy" as I thought he was and I was all for him. I also, was thinking that the Catholic Church-religion is corrupted as well. For example, two of my friends were Catholic. Well, one was Catholic and she just became a Christian and the other is still a Catholic. Friend 1 who is still a Catholic told me that she still doesn't understand what her priests is saying as to getting the message across so she just sits there and listen. I told her well, "Maybe you should go to a Baptist church or any other Christian churches to help" and she respectfully declined. Friend 2, Said, that she didn't understand her Priests either. We were talking about how short her Mass was. I been to a Mass when I was 8 years old because these Catholic people had invited my mom to a dinner afterwards, and I couldn't understand a thing! It was the shortest sermon, I have ever been too! But anyways, back to friend 2. She said, she thought that something just didn't seem right with her when she would go and she would still have a lot of questions afterwards. It was as if she was just confused every time she went. Do you guys think that the Catholic religion is corrupted or just confusing? My cousin is a Christian, but I honestly think he's either confused or questioning his faith because of the conversation that me, my mom together with him. He said, that he thought that the Catholic teachings were better, but I doubt that he knows a lot about it and he also, said that he doesn't believe that God will send everybody to hell who doesn't believe in him. I think that God is Justified in what he do even if he doesn't seem right to us. But it's not up to us, it's up to him. Another question, Do you think that the end times are near? My preacher was talking about this as well. I was also, wondering about the Seven seals/horses. Do you guys have any good movies/documentaries on Revelation? Thanks, Sorry this was so long. I'm just curious. I mean, no harm to people who are Catholic Any advice or stories you are welcomed to share!
  3. Is it wrong to ask God to remove someone from your life or another's persons life if you think the person isn't right? To make a long story short: My mom has been together with her fiance for 10 years. He's been in jail for a lot of reasons. They first met when I was 8. He's an activists. He does good work for the community of which he lives in. We're all from there, but me and my mom moved due to the military. (Long story) He also, gives off a bad vibe when he's in one of my family members houses as if he doesn't like them. But yet always "smile/talk" to them. But I do know for sure that he makes "money jokes" about my mom and that gives off an impression that he uses her for her money. Even though he says he doesn't mean it. There's also, another huge reason of why I don't think he's right. It has something to do with "a house" I know it may sound dumb. But, a way a person does something can show you how they treat someone. He also, challenges me to the point where it turns into an argument. He's the one to always raise his voice first and never admits it. I'm resentful to him because of that, but I do try to respect him. He says he wants to make me stronger, but I have strong dislike for him as well as my family. I wish I could tell you all more in a detailed story, but that would be too much. Also, some think that he's controlling my mom or tries too. I want my mom to be truly happy. Sometimes it doesn't seem like she is when she's around him. He's supposedly still married to his first wife. But just been separated from a long time. Is it wrong to ask God to remove someone from our Life? How do we know when God is removing that person? How long would we have to wait before that person is removed?
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    I do think about it when it's brought up but then I think "We don't know when it'll come" so, I think of it as we're preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ as we should be doing.
  6. Ella95

    How Do You Love God?

    I Love God by trying to glorify him and also, people fall short of doing so we all do and God knows that. I try to show him thanks the best way that I possibly can public or private. Also, if I'm going through a difficult time like I am now, I still prasie him. Which one, should always do. I know many many people who blame God only when things are going bad but yet, they never seem to praise him when things are going good for them and yet they call themselves Christians??? (Makes me wonder) That's why we also use "Walk by faith not by sight" Also, the Holy spirit is dwelling within us.
  7. Ella95

    What do you think of an Atheist?

    I mean sometimes, I don't think they're all bad. Just the arrogrant and ignorant ones like they are in Christainty (We know we have some too). I always thought that they needed to "see it, to believe it type of motto" and that's why we christians "Always go by walk by faith not by sight" because you're believing in something that's not there and also, it can be the same for non-believers they just don't know it. God is working through you to get you too believe in him. So, that's why you're on here probably. But, I don't try to force religion down people's throats. I like to talk to them about it rationally. I don't like name-calling, or other of that stuff because it starts to get out of control. It could also, be because of the things that have happened in your past or what not. It's like you want too, but then again you don't. So, I don't think they're all bad just the ones who attacks God/Jesus because God gave people "free will" and that's what some misunderstand. We Christians have responsibility too, and we suffer also. No one is perfect. Only God is. -Hoped I helped somewhat.
  8. Ella95

    Is masturbation a sin?

    I would say it's sinful although I "try" to stay away from it. I pray every now and then about it, to not be tempted because it's a form of lust, and having lustful thoughts or actions is a sin. I personally, look at it as comitting adultery against my future husband (Who I know is out there.) ha ha. Because you're comitting adultery within your heart even if you're not having the physical part of it. It's the oral part and I do think it's jus as bad. So, I just ask for wisdom not to do it or think about it. To answer your question. Yes, it is a sin. Although, some may say it isn't. You can always pray and ask for forgiveness if you're really sincere about it.
  9. Ella95

    College Choices.

    Hi, you should really look into Christian universities if you want to be a youth pastor as well because I think they would have better opportunities for you to train and prepare you for your career. I would look at some non-Christian schools as well, if you don't want to go to one. As for me, I'm a college student. I looked at both Christian and non- Christian schools and now, I'm thinking I should've went to a Christian school because I'm growing to learn more and more about God each day and what he also wants me to do with my life since, I'm soft of confused about it. You should look into Liberty University. I visited the school and it seemd like a good school. Although, I didn't apply there because they didn't have my "exact major" I think I was too focused at the time and now since I'm going to a two-year college, I'll be transffering and changing my major again. So, whatever you do "be wise" and ask God for guidance always because trust me prayer helps. I think you should look up schools with categories of management to help make your search a bit easier and to also look within your state. Hoped, I helped. Sorry, if it was too much.
  10. I was thinking about this question and always wondered " Why do people try to tell when the world is ending or when the rapture?" To me it gives false information whenever I look up weird things as in "End of the world in 2014-2015." The bible says, "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father". Why is it that people still try to figure out when the rapture will be? It just doesn't make sense too me. It makes me wonder if they truly read this scripture or at least parts of the bible clearly and that they understand. I admit I don't read my bible, every day nor do I understand it completely and I honestly don't think we're supposed too. I mean that's the reason why God gave us common sense? To figure out things because he already gave us what we need. Right? As you can see, I am quite puzzled by this question that I asked. Even my pastor says "The end of the world could be tomorrow" I mean I know he's not talking literally. But, No one knows and why can't some people leave it at that instead of trying to find more answers or proof? I mean the best thing that we can do is "Be prepared" and that's what we're here for right? But most importantly we're here for a reason and that's to serve and give glory to our Lord and God. Thanks for answering in advanced. I'm just curious!
  11. Ella95

    Traditional College vs. Bible College

    I think you're doing the right thing. I'm kind of the same way. I believe in God and that he's my father. But as for science that's a totally different. I don't want to get offeneded by anything science related if it's towards God. So, I at least try to keep those two separate. Unless, I'm talking about it at church and then, I'm just like "God created everything" let's leave it at that because sometimes you can't win with the world because they don't always believe in what you believe in. I guess that made sense? Sorry, if it sounds confusing.
  12. Ella95

    Career paths? Can't pick one?

    I'm a college freshmen and I'm having trouble picking a career path. I first wanted to become an actress at the age of 5. But due to shyness I didn't work towards it. I mean, I've done school plays before but that stopped because I joined band right after(percaussion) until high school. In middle school I wanted to become a web page developer/computer programmer because people said that would make good money. I didn't want to go into a career just for the money and I also, wanted to do something that I liked. Now, that I'm in a Computer Technology major I think I choosed the wrong path. I lost all interest in computers although, I do feel overjoyed when I get a program code right. Becoming an actress has been nagging me for a while now. It keeps popping up at random times. I just put it in the back of my head because I didn't want people to lecture me about the dangers of it and I already knew some of the dangers of it and that's why I choosed to do something else and I regret it. Lately, I've been reading my bible more and praying more to God about this. I know you aren't supposed to try to tell the future by signs but it seems weird when the preacher preaches about what you can do and what's holding you back! What bothers me is that people think that "technology" is a easier career field to get into. It is, but it's competitive. It's the equivalent to becoming an actress because of it's competitiveness. The difference is that you'll be financially stable as a computer programmer. It's still a process. I've also, been looking into good acting/animation schools and so far I'm back to my first dream college which was UCLA and USC. I'm in community college. My H.S. GPA wasn't high enough, and I'm also, looking for Christain universities too and the only one that I know of and visited was "Liberty University". Any advice on what to do? This dream is bigger than just myself to handle. I would need God's help and so many others. I wanted to know if I was in the right path of God's will? I've been confused lately about all of this.
  13. Life -- Praying to my father.

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    Yo! Newbie here!

    Hi, I'm a newbie too