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  1. Malcyboy

    Profile picture?

    Why does every picture I upload appear upside down?! D:
  2. Malcyboy


    Hey looking ti make some male friends and well have people to talk to haha...if anyone is keen either PM me or reply here and i will message opyou my skype or something lol
  3. Malcyboy


    what I find funny about this whole discussion here: is that I never mentioned doing this for ANY religious obligation, law or stipulation... I am asking is it worth the price of the operation for something as simple as my foreskin tightening at points or is it better to just put up with it. and the other question : any specific products for a gentle clean of the area, because most scented and even a lot of unscented products cause me an uncomfy penis haha
  4. Malcyboy


    Haha why's that?? Just asking for all seriousness, it's nout religious just some advice required lol
  5. Why do all my profile pictures appear upside down?!

    1. Cato


      Because aliens don't wear hats

    2. Malcyboy
    3. ProudToBeJesusFreak


      The one I can currently see is not upside down. :)

  6. Malcyboy

    Anime on YouTube

    if you are on iPad check out Crunchyroll app its a great app with tonnes of anime (where i watch) however, it is seems to be all subs on the app. I would recommened: 1. Hitman Reborn - just the most epic anime evaaaaaaars, has little baby hitmen and stuffs :3 2. Cuticle Detective (Mike - Has a werewolf as main character) and nooo nudity, however its a bit....fetishy? in that that the main character has a hair colour fetish lol another character is a cross-dresser and so yeah, but no nudity or overly vulgar etc 3. Soul Eater - typical anime, epic fighting scenes, humour, sad parts and cliffhangers lol
  7. Malcyboy


    Hi guys, bit of an odd question here.. has anyone here had an adult circumcision done? i.e circumcision done when you were older...reason I ask is, I have considered circumcision due to being EASIER to clean, and 2ndly due to fact that I have suffered from a tight foreskin in the past... However I really want some thought from others because I would have pay out £1800 ($2700) for the operation roughly...Is the benefits worth that kind of money? On the other hand...any suggestions for good cleaning products that won't irritate or upset the one-eyed snaked lol as I find my many soaps and shower gels to leave me feeling slightly "hotter" down there or quite dry
  8. Malcyboy

    Looking for accountability

    Basically title...im a 21 year old guy who struggles with masturbating, would begreat to have some good friends to keep me accountability or to keep each other accountable... also any tips on how to reduce amount of boners i get? (random non-lustfully induced ones)
  9. Malcyboy

    Porn support group new

    yeah as above said, avoid as many connections to porn as possible, it may also be helpful to consider your underwear choice as well... too tight and they can cause undesirable boners, too lose and its for them to rub as you walk with same end result... Another thought, try to talking to someone when horny it helps ALOT.
  10. Malcyboy

    I feel alone.

    loneliness really does suck.... if you ever wanna chat, feel free to message me buddy
  11. Malcyboy

    New here

    I will answer you both in one post haha Anime I like : Soul Eater, Hitman Reborn, Cuticle Detective, Cardfight Vanguard I also like Fantasy games mostly....Final Fantasy, Lunar: SSSC etc... I dont have a wiiU although do wanna buy one at some time.
  12. Malcyboy

    New here

    Kpop is Korean Pop Music
  13. Malcyboy

    It's gaming season.

    I am looking forward to purchasing - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call - Pokemon Omega Ruby - Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (Uuuuuugh buzzing!) - any Phoenix Wright game for 3DS - Super Smash Bros. Currently playing through Epic Mickey 2
  14. meeeeh why do i always seem to feel tired! D:

    1. ProudToBeJesusFreak


      I have the exact same problem D:

    2. SoulRocker
  15. Malcyboy

    New here

    Hey peeps so good to have come across this place! great to see young people in Christ keen to fellowship ^^ Anyways umm... hi! I'm an anime, video game, kpop enthusiast, and I would like to call myself a devout believer in Christ I have my skype address listed on my page if you wanna talk more frequent, just drop me a message saying you have added me so I know you have added me. :3