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    I am very nice and loving when you get to know me. I like different animals, I never judge people, I love God, my family and my friends. All my friends and family love to go places together. We hang out a lot. My name is Angelica but my family and friends all call me Angie. God is the one who changed my past and the same one who made me a wonderful, loving, kind and beautiful girl the girl I know I can be. I trust God with all my heart,mind, and spirit.

    I am very happy I found God because I was lost and now I can see I am famous in my Fathers eyes.

    Now I live for God. It is the most grateful and wonderful things I have ever done.

    I am a pure Jesus Freak.

    I would love to get to know really good people who i can talk to.

    Message me if you wanna talk I am always here to help.

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    Chaparral New Mexico
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    I love God I also love to go to movies, hang out with my friends, color and listen to music.
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