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  1. What's some of your favorite twenty-one pilots songs? I personally love Guns For Hands and House of Gold.

  2. GWires

    Post your art

    That's amaaaazziiiinnngg, I love it!
  3. I am someone who is very attentive to the aesthetic dimension in life, and minecraft has the graphics not seen since they released Resident Evil in 1996.

  4. Scotland wins ye points it must be said. We thank you for letting us have Andy Murray x

  5. The only thing uncool about you so far is that you play minecraft. ;-)

    1. GWires


      *cracks knuckles*

      What's wrong with Minecraft?

    2. GWires
  6. Hey Amy. You seem like a pretty cool person.

    1. GWires


      I'm really not, but thank you anyway :)

  7. Hey! I found another article that goes into the basics of the Immaculate Conception (Mary being born without original sin). Hope you enjoy it! ^_^http://lifeteen.com/the-immaculate-conception-its-about-mary/

    1. Marley


      It doesn't explain things super well and, honestly, the Immaculate Conception and Mary's Perpetual Virginity are kinda hard subjects but I think you might like reading it.

  8. Welcome to the Christian Teen Forums! I'm also an INTJ and an aspiring author, although I still have quite far to go.
  9. GWires


    I'm Amy, and I'm an introverted Christian from Britain. I came here to talk about God and maybe make friends of my age that I can talk to, as none of my friends are really Christians.
  10. GWires

    Is there noone my age on here?

    I'm 13, you're not the only one. I know the feeling when you think there's no-one your age on websites.
  11. GWires

    Rules in Leviticus

    I was always really confused and quite upset about the rules in Leviticus that seemed to forbid eating certain types of meats, wearing garments made from two diferent materials, et cetera. But then I did a bit of looking around and I found an article that I will put at the bottom of the page. It's about eating pork, but I think it applies to the other rules as well. Has anyone else been confused/worried about having to keep these rules? Do you think the article is right? http://www.apologeticspress.org/apcontent.aspx?category=11&article=2023