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    I love sailing, horses and violin. I want to go pro in sailing. See me at the Olympics some day:)
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    horses, sailing
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    Sailing Instructor
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    Associate Reformed Presbyterian
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  1. liveforjesus

    Confederate Flag Disruption

    Sorry, only posted because it's from my hometown so yeah
  2. liveforjesus

    Confederate Flag Disruption

    http://www.wdbj7.com/news/local/more-than-20-christiansburg-high-students-out-of-class-after-wearing-confederate-flags-on-clothing/35321294 What do y'all think?
  3. liveforjesus

    What's your favorite subject?

    Science or English. I won the Broadcom masters semifinalists award this year and was in the top 300 science fair projects in the country. That experience made me love science.
  4. liveforjesus


    Nice! I'm hoping to sail 420's in college.
  5. liveforjesus

    Whats your favorite sport?

    aspiring pro sailor here! My second favorite is horseback riding tho
  6. liveforjesus


    Ok so I'm sure there aren't many sailors on CTF, but If you regularly sail or just do it once in a while this is the place to chat. I'll tell my story: I started sailing at age nine and learned in little pram sailboats with my 6yo brother. I was immediately addicted and continued in the beginners until age 11. Then I started learning the ropes of a laser and optimist racers. I sailed my first race as a crew that year and loved it. The next year at age twelve, I sailed a national Optimist Dinghy regatta in 30mph of wind. I got 39th place out of 50. I decided that year, I wanted to go pro. This last year I crewed more often on Melges X boats and sailed about 10- 9hrs every day. 3hrs before class, 6hrs during class and often up to 3hrs when I got home. I lived next door to the sailing school director and she would sail with me after class. Now, I'm planning to compete in Inland Lake Champs at Okoboji next year and planning my college plan for sailing. It's awesome! Tell your story here
  7. liveforjesus

    Does God Hate Homosexuals?

    I don't hate a person who's a homosexual. They can be nice and a great friend, it's the sin that God hates not the person. He wants them to come back to him because His love for them. I think that people should not hate the person, just the sin
  8. I have had a thing for this boy since I was eleven. He's in my drama class and is super sweet. When I was eleven I had the normal middle school 'crush' thing but now that we are both old enough to date, I've been looking at it a different way. One thing is, I'm not sure he's a Christian and that bothers me because somewhere in the Bible it says to not yolk yourselves with unbelievers or something like that. I really like him and he likes me and he's a good person but I don't want to go against my beliefs...help?
  9. liveforjesus

    Older or Younger Guys?

    Well I'm still too young to date... Waiting till I'm 15. But as I look back on my crushes. Most of me were 6mo-1yr younger. I don't think it matters honestly. I'm praying that God will find the perfect partner for me.
  10. liveforjesus

    Are there any homeschooled teens?

    I'm homeschooled and have been homeschooled since I was 5. I'm going into 9th grade.
  11. liveforjesus


    I've been super anxious about whether I'm going to Heaven or Hell. I pray to Jesus every night confessing my sins. I feel like I really do believe in him, I just don't feel like I'm going to Heaven. Sometimes I feel like I'm only believing in him because of fear, which I know Is wrong but I don't know how to change. Help??
  12. liveforjesus

    New here

    Hi, I've been on here before, but only for a while so I thought I'd just introduce myself again. I'm a 9th grader and go to an ARP church. I've been looking for answers to questions about religion recently, but since I have a disability, it's easier for me to talk via internet so that's why I'm here. So yeah;)
  13. liveforjesus

    Where are you from? (US specific... sorry)

    I live in the Mideast, but spend almost half of my year in Iowa.
  14. liveforjesus

    Should same sex marriage be legal?

    Umm?? Doesn't God say multiple times in his Word that homo-sexuality is a sin??
  15. no one is on... :(

    1. JoyfulFleur


      It appears that a few people are. :) I included