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  1. I don't understand, why would a man cry after reading this article?
  2. OldFashionedGuy

    Should same sex marriage be legal?

    There is no way that someone who takes the entirety of the New and Old Testaments and puts them in context could come to the conclusion that Homosexuality is morally acceptable. the Bible flat out says that woman was created for man. Not only that, one just has to look at the degradation of our Judaeo-Christian values in the world today and it is obvious why the family structure and morality is falling apart, homosexuality is not only accepted, it is promoted! rampant divorce, Public schools teaching Anti biblical values such as homosexuality, promiscuity, feminism, the promotion of religions that are against the Bible, while attacking everything Christian. If you call yourself a Christian and are OK with homosexuality then you have serious issues in your relationship with Christ that you need to work out. If you people spent half the time promoting Godly HETEROSEXUAL marriages as you do trying to defend the blasphemy that is the homosexual agenda maybe the world would be a better place.
  3. OldFashionedGuy

    Right Age?

    Just because David was a man after God's own heart doesn't mean everything he did God endorsed. David was well known to have a weakness to women, as obviously the scripture bears out. But i don't understand where you are trying to go with this, i admit that the Bible does not condemn polygamy, but how does that make what Titus chapter 2 says false? It seems you are arguing AGAINST the Bible and not for it.
  4. OldFashionedGuy

    Right Age?

    show Show me in the New Testament where anyone condones polygamy or Concubines.
  5. OldFashionedGuy

    Right Age?

    Oh and BTW gender roles are a thing because God makes them a thing. Just like women can't be pastors or teach men, women can't be deacons etc. God has roles set out for the genders in scripture.
  6. OldFashionedGuy

    Right Age?

    See my problem with all this is, this isn't what the Bible says, nor is it what traditionally the bible portrays as the female role. Most of this is just how your mom and you feel, well i feel like i wish the Bible didn't say a lot of what it says, but it does, and i have to accept that God knows what is best for me, regardless of how i or anyone else "feels" about the situation, cause in reality, my feelings mean little, what matters is what God says.
  7. OldFashionedGuy

    Right Age?

    You are missing my point, i am not telling women to get married early, i am stating they should not fall for the lie that a career is going to make them happy, regardless of what feminist indoctrination they get in school. They should also not fall for the lie that they should put a career or education before love. the deciding factor for when a young woman is ready for marriage is their understanding of marriage and what being a good wife is, and that comes from knowledge of scripture. I believe that the traditional role of the woman is to take care of the home and kids, and the man's role is to provide for the family, this is an idea that is supported throughout scripture whether it is the Old or New Testament. And BTW the previous verse in that chapter says "teach the young women" There is no way you can tell me that the public schools system or higher education is teaching young women their biblical role. It is indoctrination with modern feminist ideals.
  8. OldFashionedGuy

    First Move: Guys or Girls?

    The reality is girls are very good at making it known they are interested before guys ask them out. So who really made the first move?
  9. OldFashionedGuy

    Any homeschoolers? (Mistaked for Amish!) true story!

    I was home schooled as well, and growing up whenever i saw a Amish girl i wondered why she would intentionally look unattractive I mean there is no need to look sensual but at least dress in clothes that fit you and look attractive for goodness sake
  10. OldFashionedGuy

    Ask A Guy

    Long hair, end of discussion
  11. OldFashionedGuy

    Right Age?

    Sorry but God's word is far better at providing happiness to a woman than the world's ideas are.
  12. OldFashionedGuy

    Right Age?

    Ok first of all, In our "modern culture" we got it all wrong, and this is by the devils design. You see we teach young women in the church and in school that they are meant to go to college, have a career, be whatever they want to be etc. The problem is this is not what the bible teaches, Titus chapter 2 makes it clear the women's role. Titus 2:5 " To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." The problem here is public school and college teach young women not about how to be a good wife or mother, or take care of home, but to have a career, to be everything a man is biblicaly supposed to be. A horrible side effect of this seeping in of liberal feminist culture, even in the christian church of today, is the fact that women are getting married older and older, due to the fact there is this idea you need to "finish school" or that a certain age unlocks a mass quantity of wisdom needed to be a good wife, or you must feel self fulfilled and "find yourself" before you are capable of being in a relationship.The real answer is this, Whether you are 18 or 40 all the wisdom needed to be a good wife is contained in the Bible, you just have to study and find it. Life is too short to let money, education, job situation. or age stand in the way of love. Be spontaneous, let it happen on it's own time. I swear some people make so many rules about romance that it can barely even be called romantic anymore. It's supposed to be spontaneous!
  13. OldFashionedGuy

    Ask A Guy

    Marry her anyway
  14. OldFashionedGuy

    Gay banned from FCA?

    When Revelations talks about how in the end times there will be a falling away of the church, this kind of liberal pro gay stuff is a perfect example of that. It's amazing to me how so called Christians can be so brainwashed by public schools and the media to be accepting of the perversion of homosexuality, this forum is littered with people like this. Oh and BTW, There is a difference between repenting and trying to change and refusing to even believe your sinful lifestyle is wrong in the first place. If a homosexual comes to me and says he or she is in a sinful lifestyle and wants to repent and wants help getting through it, then i can help him or her, but if the same person rejects the word of God and instead says "God made me this way" then there is nothing that can be done unless their heart changes.