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    I love creating new things , creativity is what i like, if you have somethingyou can change the world . To be honest i'm not a religious person i believe in liberalism and secularism. everybody should have equal rights in a society and nobody should be forced to do anything. Why I joined this Forum is "I'm zero in faith and in religion" and i want to see how people see god . I'm curious to know how they believe and to them what is a religion/faith . I 'm looking forward to make good friends in this forum.
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    Playing Games, Programming, Technology Geek, Making new Friends, Hangout with Friends, Creating new things, Working on New concepts,
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  1. Today is my Birthday!

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    2. Crosses


      Happy B-Day.

    3. JoyfulFleur


      Happy Birthday, inko! I hope you have a wonderful one. :)

    4. inko01


      @joyful @crosses thanks guy for wishing me

  2. inko01

    Is college what society makes it out to be

    it totally depend on us . what we like, if i saw someone using drugs in party , why should i follow that guy or why i do that. don't go to party where there are extreme things going on. make good friends and enjoy
  3. i'm not working on my goals and targets:( every night i think how do i waste my time on random stuff....

  4. inko01

    Hello, I'm new here. ^_^

    welcome bro.