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    I have been a Christian all my life, i love babysitting,i love little kids <3
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    I'm very curious... that's why people call me Ariel for my nickname cause im curious like her and i look like her lol
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  1. if i cant wear my boots im not going

  2. juliaf212

    Older or Younger Guys?

  3. is anyone on message me lol

  4. juliaf212

    Starting another quest of purity

    Im with you
  5. Matthew 10;8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons; freely you recieved, freely give.

  6. my head is filled with school

  7. my stomach is bothering :(

  8. happy belated thankgiving i hope you guys had an awesome thanksgiving and a blessed one

  9. anybody on comment below

  10. juliaf212


    I love Sherlock I cant believe cumberbatch is getting married
  11. juliaf212

    Anyone in a culinary college?

    theres the art institute of Tennessee I want to be a pastry chef what about you?
  12. i need to stop freaking out and relax

    1. Buoyancy


      tea, chill music, hot bath, prayer.

    2. juliaf212
  13. juliaf212

    Favorite Superhero?

    the amazing spiderman and loki
  14. juliaf212

    Please pray

    I will
  15. did workout today i am so sore "sore is good"