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  1. So I talked to an advisor yesterday being honest. I am doing this work and study and all, but I am seeing social work is not honestly what I want to do...Social workers tend to do a little more from a distance than direct stuff... but I also am not into blood and needles so nursing is kinda out of the question. so she mentioned a couple medical careers without that (which I can't see myself enjoying...) education, and psychology. Which I mean, I LOVE little kids. I just have a hard time seeing myself in a teaching environment. Psychology would require me to go to grad school at another college which I didn't want to do either....
  2. I am questioning my major 3:
  3. what sucked was like I just have a thing for elderly people. I always feel comfortable and happy being around them. XD hence why I want to do geriatric social work in the first place. I just have trouble with the idea of treating them so blandly. Their people. I realize my patient is probably going to have forgotten I am a college student next week but that's okay. I can tell her again. XD One of the reasons I wanted to be a social worker in the first place is because I feel everyone deserved to be cared for and loved....so I feel really strongly about leaving a good mark on their lives. To have them know that someone cares about them.
  4. thanks Noel. XD My mom said I was right too so I am gonna take a bunch of bird photographs with me next time to share since she loves birds. and I am sorry about you falling ):
  5. I haven't really been profoundly catcalled as some speak here. One time I was at a sandwich shop with a friend and a guy in a shirt whistled and hollered looking at me, and my friend gave him a look of DEATH. She was gonna whoop his butt, but thought it was hilarious also. I felt kinda humiliated. this pimp obviously thought he was a gift. I say pimp cuz he was a white guy wearing bling and baggy clothes trying too hard to look gangster.
  6. well she recommended I have shallow conversation with her. simply saying nice shirt or how pretty the weather is or something, instead of getting personal with her. I spent my visit showing pictures of birds and telling stories that went with them. She was smiling and happy. Honestly I don't know how you could recommend talking to her as if she doesn't understand anything anymore. Maybe it is just my perspective as someone growing up with disabled siblings who you talk to, don't always get a reply, but know they understand some of it. There is a PERSON in there still...
  7. me and my coordinator have a different idea of how you should talk to a patient with this kind of illness...
  10. What do you play games on?: Nintendo 3DS usually. My family owns an XBOX 360 and PS3 as well that have some nice RPG games. Where do you get your games? (Amazon, Gamestop, Bestbuy, Steam, Origin, Xbox Marketplace, etc.): Gamestop usually. What is your favorite game genre(Strategy, First Person Shooter, RPG, etc.): I like RPG or life simulator games like Animal Crossings. Name one or more of your favorite games!: Pokemon Channel, Kirby Air Ride, Animal Crossings, Eternal Sonata, Atelier Totori... Excited about any upcoming games?: I can't think of any rn but if something comes up I'll let ya know. How often do you play?: Whenever I feel like it
  11. I, like Nicene, am a fan of the Just War Theory. I encourage you to also remember, in the case of a just war, patriotism is considered a virtue of its own. A lesser virtue of course, but a virtue nonetheless.
  12. pretty good. atm my duties are tuck in calls and I'm getting comfortable with knowing who is who and what to say. XD but this upcoming week I'll get to actually visit patients so I am excited.
  14. hm the groundhog here came out
  15. so she is going to try to work in within the next 2 weeks that I can visit some patients. apparently this one guy really close by to me wants someone to play chess with. can anyone tell me some major chess tips I've never played but I am willing to learn. there is also someone who lives super close to my campus who she wants to introduce me to. I have a 3 hr class gap on Tuesday evenings so she thinks I can walk over from campus and visit her. it is totally doable. I'm kinda excited. XD