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  1. well say hi for me because I don't have FB lol
  2. So I know my 2 year tenure here passed in 2017 and I am onto my 3rd year now, but I felt like considering this place is mostly dead honoring the occasion briefly. Mainly, I met a lot of wonderful people here who although I have sadly lost touch with, meant a lot to me. I hope they're doing well. I hope the ones still in touch are doing well. and I wish this place hadn't died....
  3. Oh gosh Becky XD
  4. panromantic
  5. Firefox
  6. aye I haven't been here in forever hi.

    1. Allons-y99


      Hi! What's up?

  7. Well I don't think I'm an oldie but I kinda came when the oldies were starting to flutter away... I go by Jazzy. :3
  8. Hello everyone, I know I've been super quiet lately! Nonetheless, if you can, say a few prayers for me as I am looking to pursue something in Christian Ministry. <3
  9. Not a lot you?
  10. BC

    welcome Lori!
  11. welcome back TJ
  12. I started in social work mingled with the idea of psychology ended up changing to general business.
  13. haha and I have finished a year of college now. wb.
  14. TWIN
  15. well, honestly, considering this IS supposed to be a place of God, I cannot say I disagree entirely with Cary's point. My main problem is the update still has flaws in need of a fix and generally some promotion could be done.