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  1. I want to give an honorary round of applause to my friend Chris. I was extremely depressed and sensitive recent and basically found some reason to fight with him like every day but he was patient with me and never hated me for it. Someone who gets it.
  2. wow my church must be nice. they've avoided political discussion almost entirely. I love the pastor tho.
  3. @Boogles funny none of my services have mentioned LGBT, nonetheless many here know I don't care really. XD thank you for the suggestions though <3 I just watched a horror movie with Samuel Larsen in it. and he was there through msot of it but the last ike 30 minutes he gets murdered. so sad. XD
  4. when yoo take that big scary step here of admitting you've changed your denomination. but srsly, I was laughing earlier when I remembered this. I was Catholic, but a while back we have some faith/denomination quiz thing and it said my views aligned with evangelical lutherans. Now I am one after trying out the ELCA church nearby. how even. did that happen. XD
  5. I know I am trying my best here. XD College basically was "no one here freshman year knows you have any issues whatsoever" but eventually people found out like for instance I had a panic attack in my psychology 101 class because some girl passed out and test/quizzes already trigger my anxiety so it just went south. I just feel like it is this big elephant in the room and it may not actually be. It may just be I never coped with that aspect of it. :/
  6. I hate when social work touches on personal topics. This was worse than substance abuse week XD I think it helped me realize though I haven't completely coped with my own emotional issues. I feel like my mental illness DOES define who I am and I don't know how to separate the two. I am so used to be judged by it or being told no way Jose you don't have that, that it's just bleh.
  7. todays social work class was hard
  8. if Cato attempted to friend me I would deny him the honors but I don't do facebook. I miss Wesker. although he and I only had like 2 bizarre conversations. XD I liked reading his posts. @Michi yeah they had quite a few roleplays here but they all died out ): sad toooo especially the one Abby was doing. She even managed to drag me on board.
  9. Yep. I am not okay today. Why does everything suck. springbreak: catch a cold have an allergic reaction that causes my throat to swell yea thankfully not shut but sore for a while my patient I visited DIED I've procrastinated more than I should have also this year was "I'm going to treat myself better and demand the respect I deserve!" which apparently means now no one likes me. or its the fact when someone hurts me I now tell them hey you can't treat me like that and ultimately they act like I hurt them first. Whatever. I didn't need friends.
  10. *goes to albertsons to buy french bread* cue two real losers drinking *adult beverages* on the lawn chair display who are high schoolers. kay they already lost all respect there. nonetheless one of them catcalls me, and I look back and they're staring at me, but I walk inside without speaking. Come back out, they're trying to hide the bottle in the trash can. the one who catcalled me says "I saw you at McDonald's" "Okay...?" I reply. "I work there." "Oh...okay..." I begin to walk back to my car. Half way there he cat calls me again. dude. not interested. Btw I'm 19, I know I look like some freshman in high school but I'm not, and I can kick you right where it hurts.
  11. THANKS <3
  12. Hi Hannah! Sadly most of the members have left ): there is a few of us still here though!
  14. I will neeed that luck XD
  15. so Jazzy suffered through multiple panic attacks today as she got her new college career on track. XD so basically I switched my major to psychology. So now I do not just have 1 extra statistics class, but two. okay jazz you can do this. I also have to take anatomy and physiology which my advisor was nice to tell me "we have them take it early because it is most likely you'll need to retake it." wow okay thanks really boosting my confidence there bud. also applied to honors college where to stay in you gotta keep your GPA above 3.5. I will know in 2 weeks if I got in. Nonetheless, the verdict. If counting honors college, my next semester is 6 classes. a seminar course for honors college very early in the morning, Philosophy 103, Biology 227 *anatomy and p*, Psyche 295 (statistical methods in psychology), Psyche 210 (intro to the psychology major), and English 102. Okay. So like if Jazzy never comes back she died from college. Also I'm gonna try to prep in the summer for the two classes which scare me most (bio and stats) I mean it never hurts to learn what bones are what. XD