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    I am a Christian college student!
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About Me

"So what if I'm crazy? The best people are." - Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez.


Hello. I go by Jazzy. I was born March 5th 1998. That probably was an interesting day. My mother says I had the biggest head at birth of all the children. XD I am homeschooled. I have never been to a public school. I'm that weird girl who you'll find wear bright pink pants and a multitude of hairbows who collects plush owls. I also sometimes speak my opinion without tact. Apologies in advance if it ever offends you, though I'm not sorry for how I feel, just if you took it wrong. I am a Catholic, I was baptized in 2014. But I was moreless declared a Catholic without having gotten there yet since I was 14. I gave my heart to God fully when I was 11, though I always felt there was a higher power there from a young age. My faith is a very important part of my life, one of the most important, but as long as you respect me I respect you. End of that story.


I live with my mother, grandfather, and three siblings. Both my little siblings have autism. It can be hectic but I love them both dearly. Our house is sort of a petting zoo. My pets are a Russian Tortoise, a half-moon betta, two parakeets, and a purebred chihuahua. I've always dreamed of having a horse but it probably won't happen unless I buy myself a farm.


I adore music. I am willing to try most anything as long as it doesn't scream at me. A minimal amount of screaming is okay, just not 75% of the song. XD My favorite female singers are Melanie Martinez, Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, Caroline Glaser, Emilie Autumn, Marina and the Diamonds, Ella Henderson, Adele, Couer De Pirate, Michelle Branch, Nicki Minaj, Zella Day, Vanessa Carlton, and Lorde. I like other singers but these are people who I look forward to something new from on a consistent basis.

My favorite male singers are Samuel Larsen and Sawyer Fredericks. In case you cannot tell, I usually listen to female singers. XD

My favorite bands are The Birthday Massacre, Roxette, One Direction, Of Monsters and Men, Evanescence, Flyleaf, Paramore, Florence + The Machine, and T.A.T.U


My personality profile is considered ESFJ. I can be a bit over-emotional. Sometimes I say something that makes no sense to you but makes sense to me. I write lyrics, and I'm working on a music career. I love helping people, so I am now considering some kind of career spending my life doing that as well. I also like playing with graphic design in my free time, though I don't see it becoming more than a hobby. I am a bit addicted to cola. The caffeine so addictive. I become emotionally attached to people easily. Once we're friends, I claim my loyalty and will stand by you unless you do something *very* wrong or hurtful to me. Otherwise, you have me always. Even if sometimes I consider running over you with a rusty pickup truck.


Feel free to PM me, I like new friends :)



thank you for the amazing gift Delores, it means so very much to me. <3


Thank you so much Janelle!!!