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  1. well say hi for me because I don't have FB lol
  2. So I know my 2 year tenure here passed in 2017 and I am onto my 3rd year now, but I felt like considering this place is mostly dead honoring the occasion briefly. Mainly, I met a lot of wonderful people here who although I have sadly lost touch with, meant a lot to me. I hope they're doing well. I hope the ones still in touch are doing well. and I wish this place hadn't died....
  3. Oh gosh Becky XD
  4. panromantic
  5. Firefox
  6. aye I haven't been here in forever hi.

    1. Allons-y99


      Hi! What's up?

  7. Well I don't think I'm an oldie but I kinda came when the oldies were starting to flutter away... I go by Jazzy. :3
  8. We may be christian or atheist, but even as such some foreign religions are very interesting. I've posted some of the well-known ones above. feel free to discuss others below though.
  9. Hello everyone, I know I've been super quiet lately! Nonetheless, if you can, say a few prayers for me as I am looking to pursue something in Christian Ministry. <3
  10. Not a lot you?
  11. BC

    welcome Lori!
  12. welcome back TJ
  13. I started in social work mingled with the idea of psychology ended up changing to general business.
  14. haha and I have finished a year of college now. wb.
  15. TWIN
  16. well, honestly, considering this IS supposed to be a place of God, I cannot say I disagree entirely with Cary's point. My main problem is the update still has flaws in need of a fix and generally some promotion could be done.
  17. oh heavens ): I hope it heals okay.
  19. coping with the shambles that is adulthood. XD wbu?
  20. hiiiii what's up
  22. XD Becky understands WOOOOO APARTMENT LIFE
  23. thank you Marley. <3 I am just super frustrated right now because I just... Every aspiration and plan I had, seemingly has fallen apart...it feels like the world is playing a joke on me right now... XD
  24. I tend to hold onto things too easily so a job like that...is just going to be extremely difficult for me. I just feel at this point in my life, I should graduate with a degree in something where I can find work that isn't going to kill me in the long run with depression or something of the sort.
  25. well I feel like when I began my volunteer stuff I really learned some things about myself and as I've continued college, I just don't relate to ESFJ anymore. and I decided the other day to redo the test and got ISTJ, and I really relate to a lot of it. *hugs planner* Jazzy is trying to focus less on the fact she just kind of hates people now and has decided to entirely switch her college plan from something helping the populace to something more thinker style. XD