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  1. So I came back here today, to find it pretty much dead? Am I right about that?

    It seems all the people I remember including my best friend Jazzy "JesusIsMyTicket" haven't logged on from anywhere from months to even a year.

  2. So, you are grasping onto god as a crutch and as hope, without even knowing for sure god exists and even got baptized on a whim based on no real evidence.. typical.
  3. You are smart man, logical observation can be a great tool.
  4. Hey, I think it's time to re-introduce myself. Last time I was on here was months ago, because I forgot my password and didn't bother to change it until an hour or so ago. Yes, I'm the atheist and satanist which has a speech impediment, learning disability, and autism, who made that thread about feeling suicidal once. I don't anymore. Since then I have: - Gotten a paper route - applied for jobs, (haven't gotten one yet). - Graduated college - Got a drivers license - Made a couple new friends and most important my dad bought a 5 acre farm, so I now legally own this baby: And yes, I am Jazzy's friend.
  5. hey you still exist here? :P

  6. So a couple months ago, I made a thread in the men's only section about fearing being homeless, possibly committing suicide etc..... because I am disabled and feared for the future. I have autism (I am high functioning and independent though) and I also have a speech impediment. I seemed to forget that I get income from disability (government) and that I always will as long as I don;t have a job or in-between job and jobless periods. I am looking a moving to a larger city to try to get a job, and if I don;t I still have disability income, so I'm good no matter what. I e-mailed a supported living place to ask if I would be eligible, may be the best. But yeah, big turn around.
  7. Then stay for me. If you feel like a loner message, me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm usually at the computer anyways.
  8. Crosses, II'm the most discriminated against person here. Yet, I still stay. The people are nice here. It's a good place. I hope you stay and maybe take part in the other parts of the forums that Noel mentioned.
  9. Canadian1911


    Catholics get ashes on their forehead in the shape of a cross. I think it's supposed to symbolize their sacrifice during that time. I always smeared it off right after when I got it at school mass.
  10. Canadian1911


    Ah, I remember lent. It was annoying, the teachers at my school would tell us to give something up, and it was always something stupid students chose, like tv or chocolate etc. I never gave up anything, in fact, I acted just like I would any other day, a godless heathen.
  11. [mod edit] Back to the original topic, part of the blasphemy challenge, is to say that you aren't afraid of hell, so for those people who did the challenge, you couldn't really use that. As far as the concept of hell goes, if I'm wrong (which I'm not) and god asks me why I didn't believe I'd just say. "Well, I looked at the world and how things work, and made the best decision I could. I used my intellect, which it is alleged that you, yourself gave me."
  12. "Only a sith thinks in absolutes, I will do what I must" - Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Star Wars Episode 3, The Revenge of the Sith.