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  1. Jordandanielle

    Ask A Guy

    Most guys act like that and honestly I have had the most trouble with guys who aren't christians. They like to play games one second they love you and the next they could care less.
  2. Jordandanielle

    Homeschool "Roll Call"!

    I was homeschooled and many of the people I grew up with were the typical homeschool "christians" I felt like they were not very accepting of my differing beliefs in certain areas if I did not conform to the typical republican ideas. I eneded up hanging out with a lot non christians because they were not as judgemental which in the end doesn't help me.
  3. Jordandanielle

    Is it bad that I tend to only read Psalms?

    I kind of agree with you psalms is where I always seem to open but I would like to broaden my reading and maybe read phillipians
  4. Jordandanielle

    Please pray for me guys

    AW! I'll be praying
  5. Jordandanielle

    Just got out of Mental hospital

    Keep strong and pray God is always there for you! And if you want to talk message me(:
  6. Jordandanielle

    Math struggles

    See I am totally different loved geometry hated algebra I think it depends on the brain.
  7. Honestly tall people feel the same way, I am 5 ft 7 and I would constantly feel super weird about my height. Also weight, everyone thinks it's great to be skinny and like they can call you skinny but it's just like calling someone fat. I have had customers at work ask me if I ever eat. So whatever body type you have, you have to love it because there will always be haters.
  8. I don't know!! How should I know what's on my mind?

  9. You don't know my life, boy. I feel thorns where my crown was.

  10. You know that feeling when your like "Woohoo my clan donates awesome troops." Okay well maybe that's just me.

  11. Sometimes I feel foolish.

    1. Paigetwo


      Just sometimes? ;) That's me more than half the time.

    2. Jordandanielle


      Lol Life will do that

    3. Paigetwo
  12. Looking at my situation like it's nothing, I aint worried about nothing Im like so what? so what? I aint worried bout no drama- Wise advice Black Knight.

  13. They be talking I don't hear em' tho. Try to stop us we aint running tho. Rep his name that's how we go. And we aint leaving, we right here. -Black Knight. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind.

  14. Jordandanielle

    Post any song here!

    Oh I love write your story and for Jazz I have been listening to Bessie Smith "Backwater Blues"