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  1. You are too good, paradoxically, is very bad.
  2. The fact is that this question was addressed to believers.!
  3. Arcano999

    Young Christian

    Although Italy is the country of the pope, is a parasitic nation ..
  4. is unbearable and degrading that such speculation ..
  5. Arcano999

    Young Christian

    Mormon it's not Christian
  6. Arcano999

    Young Christian

    I live in a place that has as only Christian myself, I would like to know how many Christians there are others out there ranging from 14 to 16 years of age.....
  7. Arcano999

    I need you to pray for me

    Lately am overwhelmed by the tasks and checks, is a time when I'm leaving in the third floor of the sport, and tomorrow I query task and need spiritual support.
  8. Arcano999

    I had a vision. A vision of the Divine!

  9. Arcano999

    I had a vision. A vision of the Divine!

    I speak in PM
  10. Arcano999

    I had a vision. A vision of the Divine!

    I speak in MP
  11. Arcano999

    How do you react to the curses?

    ...... Look I mean blasphemies. Insults against God, this meant.
  12. But no one will believe me ...
  13. Unfortunately, in my life I swear I heard so many guys, is something unheard of and immoral, it is really terrible. No one realizes that wrong, you experience that you have had?
  14. Arcano999

    Everyone here needs to pray! Please!!!

    Your baby is alive.
  15. Arcano999

    What we find in the Bible?

    I live in a house that is flooded with Bibles and Gospels .. But are belong others.