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  1. Speakeasy

    Having a Significant other

    How do you get over that overwhelming feeling of wanting to be with someone. Obviously God will give you someone when it is time, but until it's time how do you focus more on God and his blessings and less on the fact that everyone around you has a significant other.
  2. Speakeasy

    Hurting arms

    I love playing cello and I love music. I'd recently gotten injured so I cannot play cello. I've been injured for almost a year and I am praying about it but I'd like to ask you guys to pray for me as well. Thank you and God bless!
  3. Speakeasy


    I think of someone who spends everyday thinking of others and doing everything they can to assist another persons needs because they know that God'll handle what they need..
  4. God makes it very clear that he does not break his covenants. God never goes back on his word and is absolute. Technically speaking God can do whatever he pleases to do. But the standard God has set is never going to change. God will never allow someone who does not accept Jesus to heaven because Jesus express how he is the only way to salvation. God made it so Jesus is the only way and nothing can change that. It gets extremely confusing for young Christians when they are reading that God can save a non believer is he chose to because although that is true it is not accurate with the biblical prospective of God and Salvation. I do understand what you are expressing and I thought I'd speak a little bit more on to it. Love, Ronnessa <3
  5. You cannot be saved unless you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior (John 14:6) With the exception of aborted babies because they have not received the opportunity to sin, or carry out believes in God. Once Jesus died on the cross it made sin not matter how it use to. What I mean is we should strive not to sin but we will not go to hell for sinning because of the sacrifice God made for us. The only thing God ask for in return for his sacrifice is for us to live out a life of giving him glory and accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior. God also expresses how out good deeds look like dirty rags to him so even if this person does no evil it will never look as great as the good deeds God does. It will never be acceptable to Gods standards. The only way it is acceptable is through Jesus. (Isiah 64:6). Even looking at it from a technical prospective of one only doing good deeds he is still not saved because they do not believe in our Father God and the Holy Son, Jesus. A word to sum up Christianity would be faith and without it we would not meet the father in our homeland, heaven. (Also if you look up the verses read the chapters not just that one verse so you get context)
  6. Speakeasy

    Money Issues

    This is just something small but I want to share it anyways. My youth group participates in many events and one event coming up is over 300 dollars. We'd had money because of a previous fundraiser but I still needed more money. My youth leader told me to pray about it he also told me about how he'd prayed about his college finances and God handled them so it gave me the confidence to not feel bad about praying for money. I'd add it in my prayers here and there and sure enough a week before the money is due God handles it! Someone specifically donated exactly what I needed to my youth account.
  7. Speakeasy

    The Testimony of an Ex-Homosexual

    Woohoo! Praise Jesus!