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    I love to play the piano, sing, and to write stories. I plan to become a teacher or an author someday. But, I also love to ski
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    Taylor, Michigan
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    I love computers
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    Assemblies of God
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  1. Stressing about a Spanish project. It's due today, and I don't have it done. AHHHHHHAHHHHH!!!

  2. Jesus is coming back for u


    Judging people is a whole different story. Whether you tell someone to their face or you think it, your still judging, and there's no other excuse. That;s just it.
  3. Jesus is coming back for u

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  4. Jesus is coming back for u


    Your just getting all worked up because someone doesn't agree with you. Just because someone is not on your side doesn't mean you have to go and criticize them. Just keep your opinions to yourself, and stop forcing them on everyone, ok? Thanks!
  5. Just finished my Math final exam. Pray I get a really good grade, and pass Algebra 1!! Freaking out with Kenzie over here!!!!

    1. God's_not_Dead


      we were both freaking out. I was so mad he didnt tell us our grades

  6. Jesus is coming back for u


    ok, listen, you could've said all that a little more politely. I don't think he was judging anyone with what he said. It's just the truth, and sometimes, the truth hurts.
  7. Jesus is coming back for u

    Christians adopting ways of society?

    I believe that is true, as well. And i'm guilty of it as a lot of other people. But following Christ is WAY more important than trying to fit into our society. Our society is just getting trashed, and we don't need to lower ourselves to their level. Remember, if you read the end of the Bible, then you know that we win! So don't stop fighting the good fight, and don't forget that Christ is the Mightiest of them all!!
  8. Hangin' with Gibby, Justin, and Mackenzie... AGAIN!

  9. Jesus is coming back for u


    To be honest, I may be female, but feminism is just plain stupid. It's not really going to change anything, and anything that needed to be changed has already been changed.
  10. Hanging with Kenzie... AGAIN!! :) and Justin

  11. Hanging with Kenzie again!!! :)

  12. Jesus is coming back for u


    I believe that you should just keep yourself pure until marriage. You do have the option to court, and that will keep you safe and pure until marriage. Dating helps you get to know your partner more, but getting kissy kissy, and especially at a young age, that is wrong.
  13. I'm hanging with my BFF Kenzie!!!!

  14. I'm hanging out with my bestie Mackenzie again, and I'm going to see her perform and dance for a competition for the first time

    1. JoyfulFleur


      Sounds like lots of fun.