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    Kiwi living in Sweden.
    Love God.

    Christian as of October 2014 <3
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    Music (playing, singing, listening), food related hobbies, and many things to do with words.
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  1. elzappozah

    University Prayers

    I only just saw this! Wish I could've offered prayer when you needed it, but how did your presentation go?
  2. elzappozah

    Salvation prayers.

    My parents and my siblings. I'm scared to put their names here in case they find them
  3. elzappozah

    Losing my Family :(

    Hi guys, Some of you may know this from my introduction post a little while back, but I come from a muslim family and my conversion to Christianity has put a huge strain on my relationship with them. I've been on the border of disownment a few times previously but this seems to be the last straw now. I would really appreciate prayer at this time for smooth sailing in the conversations with them to come in the next couple of days and for peace in all of our hearts with the path God has intended for us to follow, be it as individuals or as a family unit. At this point, though, it does look like I'll need to find a way to support myself from next week and as a poor uni student I feel that will be hard as well. So any prayer would be amazing in regards to any of this situation. Thank you
  4. elzappozah

    New Christian Here :)

    Thank you everyone, I feel very welcome
  5. I always feel prettier when I'm closer to God.

    1. Crosses


      Close to God or far away,i still feel ugly.

    2. elzappozah


      Ask God to make you feel as beautiful as you are to him. You are his princess after all <3

  6. Hi there! My name's Zahra, I'm 18 and originally from New Zealand (although I live in Sweden now). I just found the Lord last year in October so I'm kind of a sponge, I want to soak up every tidbit of information that I can to get to know him better! I grew up Muslim so if anyone else is in a similar situation, let's chat! Or anyone who wants to say hi really - I like people ^^