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  1. Do you think, like Augustine, that evil is just the absence of good, just as dark is the absence of light? That is probably one of my favorite topics of Western Civ I. If evil is a separate thing, it cannot be created by God. He made all things, and all things were good.

    1. Noel 1525

      Noel 1525

      Evil is more or less a result of humanity's abuse of free-will, which kinda of results in the idea that our choice of sin is a choice against God, which in turn is sort of a choice which excludes God's goodness. I believe that our sin is and absence of God's goodness, which like you suggested is along the lines of Saint Augustine.

    2. Nicene Nerd

      Nicene Nerd

      Evil is too intense and powerful to be mere absence. I mean, just how plausible does it sound that the Holocaust is a result of a problem with no independent existence?

    3. ProudToBeJesusFreak


      I misread the name you typed for "Augustus", and was about to say what a fantastic book The Fault in Our Stars is, haha! :)

  2. ScarabCoder


    I know swearing in general is not right. But what exactly does that mean? Is it okay to say something that isn't considered swearing when you are surprised, scared, or disappointed? I have a made up word I sometimes say when I lose a game. All it is is saying "dough", but faster then that. I don't know how I got it, I just started saying that. But is it okay to say things when you are surprised, or is it only bad when you say things that are considered bad words?
  3. (I hope this isn't considered as swearing) I came across an interesting statement today: "If you drive like hell you will end up there"

    1. Saved.2.


      Ha, I'm gonna make sure to remember that.

    2. ProudToBeJesusFreak
    3. Crosses
  4. ScarabCoder

    What Hobbies do you guys have?

    No, he isn't. He is another another forum, though.
  5. ScarabCoder

    What Hobbies do you guys have?

    Ah, sorry. New to the forum a bit, shoulda searched.
  6. ScarabCoder

    What Hobbies do you guys have?

    I do hope you are kidding. I'll never convince myself of it unless you confirm, though.
  7. ScarabCoder

    New girl here!

    Welcome Hanna!
  8. ScarabCoder

    Is there noone my age on here?

    I am 13 too, you are definitely not the only one. There may be about 20 users around 13 years old, it's just that most of them are probably inactive.
  9. ScarabCoder


    I went into my settings and changed it so I get notifications (not email) when people reply to a thread created by me.
  10. ScarabCoder

    What Hobbies do you guys have?

    That sounds a lot like my older brother. He makes knives, and has a novel he is writing.
  11. ScarabCoder


    Why doesn't it email me or notify me when people reply to my posts? A lot of different languages. Python, HTML, Java, Lua, and a few more.
  12. ScarabCoder

    Guardian Angels

    That would be a great thing, though. Even though I can believe that God protects me from things, I still can't help feeling insignificant. Knowing that a certain being is concentrating on you and protecting you is nice.
  13. Like the title says, what do you like to do mostly in your free time? Mostly I like to program
  14. Just looked at your profile, and I was in school when you were born. I feel super old now.