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    I'm a pastors kid. I used to be homeschool but have moved several times and now with both my parents working can't homeschool so have to go to public school.
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    Torrington, Wyoming
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    Snowboarding, music(guitar, bass guitar, drums), football.
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    Thats the first time I've made a quote I'm not very good at it.
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    I get what your saying I guess it's not totally pointless. You could date to just get to know someone better, or just to have someone to do something with.
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    I do believe that Jesus died for our sins and he is the one only way to get to heaven, and if we beleive in him we will get to heaven, but if thats the case does this mean that every one who believes in God and believes that jesus died for their sins they get to heaven. Just letting you know I do believe that Jesus died for my sins and he is my savior and I could never get to heaven by myself, I'm just curious on what other people think.
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    Curious, what do you believe it takes to get to heaven? Do we all get a free pass because we believe in God or do we have to give him everything before he accepts us. My dad, who is also my pastor says in order to make it to heaven we have to be completely selfless, because other wise heaven can't exist if every one there isn't selfless, because if one person wants something for themselves they sin, then they would be like the adam and eve of heaven, and God wouldn't allow that. That doesn't seem true to me though, it makes since but that seems like we have to be perfect to be in heaven. He alsoaccepts says thatin in order to get to heaven we have to love God with everything because maybe heaven is all about God and you aren't ready to be his servent it will seem like hell to you. If that makes since since. Now I'm starting to wonder if hell isn't just living with God for the people that don't like him and maybe thats their idea of suffering. I'm starting to confuse myself here, but one last thing. Some night just lay in your bed and think of eternity, forever, never ending, if we make the wrong choices on earth will we get to change our minds in heaven or hell and switch. Just think about it and post what you think.
  5. broncoorange

    Learner's permit studying?

    I've been 15 for about 2 months now and just went through this. My advice is depending on how smart you are logicly you don't have to study very much, at least not for the permit test. I passed it first try easily. I found this site driving-tests.org it gives you tests that you can learn from. For what to study, study the signs a bit, it's not really on the test but it really helps when your actually driving. Study speed limits such as: If no speed limit other wise posted what speed should you go on a highway; Interstate; residental area and so on. Every thing else is pretty easy.
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    I feel like dating around just to date is pretty pointless, your just wasting money and time on something you know will end. Now if your dating because you really like someone and want to know them better and you think you might want to spend the rest of your life with them then that's a different story. Also those types of relationships usually end okay, they usually don't end with a big fight and both people mad at eachother, it usually ends becauuse it's not going to work out or one person feels the other isn't the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. So those relationships usually at least get you a good friend in the end. As for age, I think about 6thit grade is a good time to just not necessarily go on a "date" but to just hang out. I think about 1u6thit is when you should start thinking about getting serious.
  7. I am Aaron I'm a guy, I am fifteen, I was born on Christmas 1999, yes it is kind of cool to sharea a birthday with Jesus. I live in a small town probably none of you have heard of, Torrington, Wyoming. In fact some of you probably live in cities with more people than the state I live in. And if you don't live in America you probably haven't even heard of Wyoming. I am currently going to Torrrington high school. I like snowboarding, football, music, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and lots of other things. I am a nazerene, and have been since I was born. My dad's the pastor of our church of about fifteen, our youth group has two teens, me and my sister. Now this might come as a shock to some of you but I am definitely not perfect, and one thing about being a pastors kid is every one expects you to be perfect. I've been kind of going through a hard time lately, I've started sinning alot more than usual, and it feels like i'm getting farther and farther away from God. Today was the first time I read my bible by myself in about 5 or 6 years. I felt like God was telling me I needed some christian teens that are going through similar things as I have so I found this. I hope this isn't too long.