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  1. This. We just might all be psychopaths...
  2. Sappho

    Belgian flag

    I think we can do both.
  3. Sappho

    Belgian flag

    Well said. For many it might be a natural counter-reaction for all the commotion around the recent attacks. They're not wrong though. Why?
  4. Sappho

    Belgian flag

    Indeed. Here in Belgium no day goes by or the news is constantly covered with those attacks in Brussels. Also all those people having our flag as profile picture, others complaining they don't feel safe, they don't want to come out even though they're not even close to Brussels, ... It's all so anoying, all those people overreacting and seeking attention. Pathetic.
  5. Sappho

    Belgian flag

    Because this kind of things happen almost daily in countries in the middle east and africa, but nobody really cares about them since it's old news. I'm not saying it isn't horrible what has happened, but just because it takes place in a western country doesn't make it worse than other similar terrorism attack around the globe.
  6. Why are people posting belgian flags and changing their profile pics? I think people on social media are overreacting a little bit, not? I find it slightly irritating.
  7. Sappho


    The definition can indeed be found in a dictionary. This is a arbitrairy word for a certain concept. If you want to change something to the concept, you must find another word for it, or change the definition in the dictionairy. I hope I'm using the right words here
  8. Sappho


    There is a strict definition of what rascism is. Every other interpretation of the word is thereby not rascism. There is a double standard sometimes I believe. When I call my black best friend a n*gger just for fun, we both laugh at it, but other people look horrified at me. If he calls me something offensive, nobody cares. White people are not allowed to possess land in Zimbabwe which is terribly rascist. Nobody knows about it, but everybody knows about a single black man being beaten which causes riots. When people say whites should apoligise for slavery that's rascist too, since it places by prejudment guild on people who are not guilty.
  9. Sappho

    Deep web

    Just like so many inventions, the deep web is both used for good and for bad things, but it often is not creepy or dangerous like it's always pictured.
  10. Sappho

    Official Ask A CP Thread

    I was pretty shocked when I saw 'CP thread'
  11. Sappho

    Guatanamo bay

    'murica i guess
  12. Sappho


    As far as i remember, to BE bisexual or homosexual cannot be considered a sin, only the act of ... doing it.
  13. Sappho

    On minimum wage

    More than a company, of which its only goal is to make more money.