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    Losing faith ?

    Hi I'm a teen struggling with faith and I don't know what to do. I want to make this forum for kids who are also struggling with their faith. So I am a 15 year old American-European, my parents are missionaries and I've lived in Europe my whole life. Lately I've been struggling with my faith. I think I accept that there is a God because I do not believe humanity is an accident and I think everything is just too perfect. But I've never spiritually experienced God. I know people that say God's talked to them, answered prayers, touched their heart...but I just can't understand that because I haven't experienced it. Sometimes I wonder why christianity is right and Islam is wrong, like why am I a christian ?.. Sometimes I wonder If there is spiritual life or just physical.. Are there aliens ? Why does God not want us to be gay ? I just don't understand enough to satisfy myself. Please help me, pray for me, share your own struggles...
  2. Jesse123

    I'm an atheist with questions...

    I think I understand what you're going through BigMackZach. I never "feel" or "hear" God and sometimes I wonder if all the christians around me are crazy. I am still a christian but there are times when I don't believe in God or when I wonder if the bible is true or I ask myself why I am a christian and not a muslim for example. Soon I'll start up a topic for people with the same struggles I have. I just want to let you know that I'll be praying for you. Oh and I also just have a few questions for you. Don't you ever ask yourself what the meaning of life is if there is no God ? Is everything just a crazy accidental coincidence ? Is there a spiritual life ?...