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  1. zibbyjane

    Sexuality in Teens - Masturbation

    If it fuels lust, don't justify it. Lust is lust. This is probably my biggest struggle, justifying my actions so I can do what I want and not feel bad, and masturbation is a big one. It really sucks to think like that. Even if the Bible doesn't mention masturbation, so what? Why are we looking into it so much? Because we want to justify it, to get as close to the line as we can. To heal, to look for another way, deny yourself and follow Jesus. Don't look for ways to get as close to the edge without falling off.
  2. zibbyjane

    Closed and a Loner

    Life is about getting messy. You're constantly unraveling, coming to new beginnings. Getting messy is the best part. For me, when I was feeling the exact same way, I was faced with two decisions: I could willingly walk out of my comfort zone, or be pushed out. At times I walked, at times I was pushed. Both of them ended with me growing from the inside, but one felt better than the other. (It was when I walked out!) Sometimes God needs to give you a little push. Sometimes all He needs to do is give you a little courage. But it's just up to you to take the first step. Do you trust Him enough to do that? He's rooting for you, even if it sounds cheesy. Let Him love you the way He wants to love you, and hand everything up to Him when times get rough. If He was big enough to create you, to weave you with your hands, to take precious time to create your personality, face, heart, bones, mind, spirit... He's big enough to handle the problems you see as mountains, but He sees as a tiny grain of sand. You can do it. If you have a Bible, read it! It's a window, not a wall.
  3. zibbyjane

    What is left to live for?

    My sister feels like this often, too. So do I. There is a key though. The problem is, God's holding it in His hand, and we just can't seem to figure out how to take it from Him and move along on our way, to get away from those problems. We can't do it, because, it's not our job. He wants us to be still, just for a moment. Can you do that? I can't offer much with words, since there's a small verse in Exodus that says, "The Lord will fight for you, and you only have to be silent." It's in 14:14. Take it to heart how you want to take it to heart, and read it as many times as you think you need to until something clicks. There's another quote I once read, and it was talking about the Bible when it said, "The wind of heaven blows gustily through these pages." And it does! You either see it that way, or you don't. The Bible is either your window to look out of, or your wall to bang your head against. Also, listen to this beautiful, beautiful song. It made me bawl. Maybe it'll make you bawl. But to end, know that in James chapter one, it also makes a bold statement: Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. Life isn't easy, especially for God's children. God's children... they're like tiny sheep, and when we follow Jesus, He's going to lead us out into a world filled with big wolves. It's scary, it's painful. It just depends on if you've got a good Shephard. Let this experience heal you and grow you. Let it turn you into gold. Let God chisel you into the work of art He's made you to be. God keeps a good eye on you, He hears you. The same God that created the stars, planets, animals, people, the greens of the earth, the rising and setting sun, the blue sky and infinite space—He knew it wouldn't be complete without you. He's got the key, and He'll use it when He's ready to use it. For now, think about that bit in James I just gave you. God knows you're strong enough to handle this. And hey, He's God! If He believes in you, beloved, that's all you need to know. That's your answer. That through it all, He's got you. You feel as if you've completely lost your grip on Him, but He's got you. He's still holding you as close as He ever was and still is and will be. Never will He leave you.
  4. zibbyjane

    Is it bad that I tend to only read Psalms?

    Also, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (the Gospels) are great places to start. 1st and 2nd Corinthians are amazing. By all means, still keep reading Psalms, because it really is a beautiful and meaningful book. It talks on and on about the amazingness of God, and the pains and love these poets and worshippers have alongside their journey with God. It is a book of worship. I agree with the person above me, that the Psalms are meant to be reflected and prayed, as well. Take it in slowly, because it is a unique treasure—you don't scarf down rich and ultra delicious food, you savor it!
  5. zibbyjane

    Is it bad that I tend to only read Psalms?

    Dude, no way! Everyone starts somewhere. I know for a fact that all I could read was Psalms at first, so don't feel like a stick in the mud. I recommend The Message Bible to have on the side if you have trouble understanding something. The Message is written like a story and in a modern language, easy peasy to understand. But don't rely on understanding everything you read—because, well, you simply won't! And that's the fun of it. That's where praying comes in. Ask God about things you don't understand, and do it earnestly. He will listen.
  6. I'm wearing this cool black top with little pockets. It's pretty unexplainable lol. Along with some blue jeans rolled up to the middle of my calves.
  7. zibbyjane

    Did I do the right thing?

    Wow. Yes, love, you definitely did the right thing. He has no respect for you, and that's not going to get him very far.
  8. zibbyjane

    Herbal Talk

    I loooooove growing my herbs! They're taking up all the space on my back deck at the moment, soaking up the sun. I should actually go water them.. thank you for remind me, beloved. Haha. Anywho, I use mint for grinding up (mixed with some honey) and then I use it for my skincare routine. It really helps it. Lots of herbs help your body and skin! If you're interested in using it for your skin, just Google different things you can make out of them. Face masks are the big one. Some other herbs that are good are rosemary (a natural astringent), sweet basil (antibacterial, helps get rid of acne), lavender (ultra soothing for the skin), clary-sage (helps reduce redness and anti-ages), lemon balm (for sensitive skin), regular sage (tightens pores, stimulates, and cleanses well), and peppermint (good for everything, but mostly natural astringent properties). Yay! For basically every herb, I dry mine out in the oven and make spices. I know one I like to copy is Sunny Paris by Penzey's Spices. It's so good in cooking. You could look up the ingredients on Google, chances are you've got everything to make it! Make your own spice combinations. If you have over growing herbs, try selling at a farmers market if you have one? People go crazy over fresh, nice herbs. Make your own unique spices (make sure to test them out before giving them away, just to see how they taste on your favorite foods) and give them out for birthdays or Christmas. That's also a really great idea. (Sweet basil is my all time favorite. I love the scent. As for taste, CHIVES. I LOVE CHIVES.)
  9. zibbyjane

    My dream opportunity!

    God is leading you beloved! Ahhh!!! Be excited! I will be praying for you, thank you for telling us about this.
  10. zibbyjane

    My Prayers Have Been Answered.

    Dry (even the dryest!) seasons are necessary to have when it comes to your relationship with God. Beloved, I just got out of one myself. I'm pretty sure hundreds of people around the world are too, or just starting theirs. It's a season, a cycle. You just gotta roll with it! One thing that someone told me is that if you find yourself at a wall in your relationship with Him, don't stare at it and bang your head against it. That does nothing. The solution is utterly simple, and for some reason I never thought of it: instead of rambling or being flustered, ask Jesus to lead you around it. He's more than willing. I'm so glad you're over with in the dry season. It's not a fun time, but it does build a strong, solid relationship if you know how to tackle it wisely. Read read read that Bible God gave you, and be happy you're free to read it. Pray pray pray to Him, as well. ♥ When I'm experiencing a dry season, I like to read devotionals, morning and night. Specifically ones about love, and growing your love for God. Love Expressed by Gateway Devotions is a fantastic one. It's got a section for you to write after you read (they have long-ish devotions), a nice chunk of a sample prayer to start you off, verses and quotes. It's all so nice. So yeah, check that if you'd like. I think you might enjoy it! "The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray." - Samuel Chadwick
  11. zibbyjane

    Weed. Yeah, I said it.

    It's hard to say, because not only is it something that harms the body (which God tells us not to do, for our safety and because He Himself dwells in us) but it can develop into something addicting. And that's not fun. Something else that crossed my mind is that, when people ask "is this and/or this wrong in the Bible" in any kind of way makes me feel a little sad and frustrated. I feel like there's one of two reasons why they're asking it: they felt tempted to do it and wanted to know if it was against God's "rules", or they were genuinely, truly curious with no intentions of wanting it at all. If it was the first reason, them looking for ways to justify the sin and go to the edge as much as possible... if that were the case, why would we try to follow God in the first place? We're supposed to be ridding ourselves of, well, ourselves. Simple as that, I think. (sorry if that led away from the question, but I had some words I wanted to say lol)
  12. zibbyjane

    God Sightings

    I sense God when I'm worshipping. I talk directly to Him, I really, really try to focus as much as I can. I imagine myself standing in His throne room with either Him and myself, or a whole bunch of other people just as much in love with Him. Sometimes I'll be in the car or outside in the mornings, sitting on my deck and looking out over our backyard. The sky is where I like to look while talking to the Lord, or just thinking about Him. I feel Him there, too! I can really feel Him showering His love on my heart during those times, it's like He really is there. Which He is, after all! He's always, always there. It just takes some focus and effort to let it hit your heart.
  13. zibbyjane

    What is your favorite book and translation?

    I looooooooove Matthew, Ephesians, Colossians and James. Ugh, it's hard to choose between them—but I'd have to go with Ephesians. NIV is my most favorite translation. It's a little more raw than Message (I feel like if everything is easy to understand, I won't be able to really think about it's meaning and really study and meditate on it), which that version would be my second choice.
  14. Five songs or pieces of music: - In Over My Head by Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music) - No Longer Slaves by Jonathan and Melissa Helser (Bethel Music) - Jesus We Love You by Paul and Hannah McClure (Bethel Music) - Out of Hiding by Steffany Gretzinger - You Don't Miss A Thing by Amanda Cook (Bethel Music) Three books of your choosing: - Lord of the Rings series (all books combined in one, whole book... does that count?? oh well lol) by J.R.R. Tolkien - Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis - Narnia series (same as Lord of the Rings series, all books combined in one whole book;)) by C.S. Lewis One luxury item (this can't be used to escape the island or communicate with those off it; it must also be inanimate): A nice, great quality water filter contraption thing.