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    I believe that Ainsley Harriott created the world and everything in it. On our doomsday he will guide his followers into the astral plane.
    I don't like much... kinda boring in that way.
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  1. Something... Trump... flee the country... end of a nation etc.

    He has a nice weave I will say that much.

  2. I'm BREATHING if that counts...how are you?

    1. Carolus_Rex


      My breathing is fine.

  3. Carolus_Rex

    Now Playing...

  4. Carolus_Rex

    Early 2016 Election Poll

  5. Carolus_Rex


    "The well known legend of when the Devil, disguised as a fiddler, made the youths of the village of Hårga, in Hälsingland, dance themselves to death, upon the mountain of Hårga." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtpZCYJr67c&ab_channel=SfyhjasfSfgjsfgj
  6. Boo. Are you hoping to see the next Conjuring film? I'm hoping it'll be pretty amazing. The world needs a new horror series. A decent one, anyway.

    1. Carolus_Rex


      Sequels are usually not all that great but hopefully it will come out fine :)

  7. I saw a woodpecker yesterday.

    1. Carolus_Rex


      I also heard a woodpecker.

    2. Carolus_Rex


      It was the same woodpecker I saw that I heard. e.e

  8. Carolus_Rex

    Merry Christmas! Gifts.

    I think it's a car
  9. It's a Scream reference. I will always add in a Scream reference if I can. Also, Annabelle was better than The Conjuring in my opinion.

    1. Carolus_Rex


      I didn't like Annabelle... but I also wasn't paying attention to it so that may have altered my experience e.e

  10. What's your favorite scary movie?

    1. Carolus_Rex


      Not sure if Scream reference or genuine question...

      Gotta be Scream or The Conjuring though :) dey'z cozy

  11. Carolus_Rex

    Merry Christmas! Gifts.

    Aaw :3 Haha, that's pretty adorable
  12. are you a Frenchie?

  13. Carolus_Rex

    Elliott Smith

    Guys? Wake up...