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  1. Grrrrrl (and guys too), I used to be so picky about little things, but now I made a FRAMEWORK by which to measure someone. It's all Biblical. Beyond this I have preferences...but those things can change! Here are my rock solid non-negotiables. Your girl or guy who has these 7 are WORTH GOING AFTER!
  2. Hey Brother! Love to see that you're serious about making wise choices. Seems like the commenters above have interpreted the "unequally yoked" verse as pertaining to marriage only, but you can be "yoked" by any partnership. Basically, the concept is that if you are going one way in life, and someone that you've committed to (even dating has a certain level of commitment) is going another, you're going to be forced to let them go, or let a part of you go...unless of course there is a conversion. Don't get excited because the girl you spent time with before ended up being a Christian. It happens, but you should never choose someone because of what they "could be". That's unfair to both of you. When it comes to changing a worldview--some will, most won't, and many a good man has been brought down trying to be a missionary to the one they're dating. One of my favorite talks on this is here: Bless you! Pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance!
  3. Nope! Just don't do it--at some point your worldview differences will cause deep pain. You won't see eye to eye on something that's a big deal, like when money's tight, but you feel the holy spirit telling you to give to a certain cause or when you feel God impressing you to change jobs or move to another town...etc. If your deepest beliefs aren't in sync it is much more likely that you will end up NOT following God's will than your partner will end up following God's will. It can end up messy, PLUS your partner could end up hating the concept of a God even more! You might be interested in the recent YouTube video I made about non-negotiables from the Bible for christians. You can only be your best self when you and your partner are both working toward the same goal of living for God!