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    folklore, architecture, religion, skiing, writing
  1. Thank you everyone so much for sharing your thoughts! Because prayer is such a personal idea I've wondered how people practice it outside of my self. Very glad to hear how you all connect with God. Many thanks again! Follow up: What does prayer mean to you, and how would you describe it to someone who was unfamiliar? Talk soon!
  2. Hello, I am a Christian and spirituality scholar from Newfoundland, Canada. Most every day, when I have my shower and I am clean and collected, I pray for what I am thankful for. Looking through the forums, I have found that there are many people who share the practice like I do. I was wondering if any of you would be interested in telling me more about your prayer customs and what it means to communicate yourself with the spiritual. When and where do you like to pray? I am very eager to hear everyone's personal narratives. thank you so much!