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    I am Luke, friend of friends.

    I am a Christian "tradigital" artist that enjoys Air Heads, plays DTL and Minecraft. And who has trouble keeping his head on his body.

    I'm also working on comic series, and (God-Willing.) stop stacking my fatty butt off and finish it after 3 years...

    God Dangit.

    ~ Stay fresh.
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    You don't wanna know.
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    Adventure! Visual Arts!

    Other stuff that has an exclamation mark after it!(!)
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    Writer, Artist, Person... I think.
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    Hero Luke, Fox-Lye, Sparks, Lukina

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  1. I am alive inside. He-hor-har-hey!

  2. I think I haven't been on in like 2 years, a lot has changed in my life. Shoot, are you guys still posting here anyway? if so that is amazing.
  3. Nomly

    Friend possibly dead

    If God before us, who can be against us? If God is not a lyer than I'm sure he will be fine! You have our prayers!
  4. Mr. Rogers is my pastor, Mr. Rogers is my teacher, Mr. Rogers is even my television creature. Whaaaaat?
  5. Nomly

    Be careful, teens

    I do too! hehehe.
  6. Nomly

    So angry!!!

    You know, those people who are unfriendly to your brothers are the ones who really are the low functioning people. Don't feel discouraged. I'm sure everything will work out fine in the end, trusting in God it always will.
  7. Who is the Final Boss of the internet...!

    1. Cato


      Alex "Icycalm" Kierkegaard

    2. Buoyancy


      Chuck Norris.

  8. A few minutes ago I was all giddy over valentines chocolates, so I went to get some milk... and then it happened. When I finished pouring the milk, I tripped over one of the parts of my favorite baggy pajamas... The milk was about to stain and ruin my awesome Pjs. Then out of nowhere, my hand slapped the milk from the air and it splat somewhere across the wall and floor. I was so happy, my pajamas were not ruined! God saved me and my pajamas, even if the floor and wall was soaking in milk. I had to sacrifice something for something even better. Let that be known to you kiddies. I was also very fat and lazy about cleaning the stuff up.(And I didn't) I let my old people clean it up, MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! ~ Stay fresh.
  9. Happy Valenturds day!

  10. Any music that you love to listen to in games that you play? Do you listen to them while you do work, exercise, and at other times of the day? Share them in this Topic, You can share specific links or the title of the track for others to enjoy! ---- I personally enjoy... Drawn to Life: Twilight Forest, [https://listenonrepeat.com/?v=9ZgLjVSvP-8#Twilight_Forest_-_Drawn_to_Life_Soundtrack] Also the techno-like remix from the (Nds) sequel of DTL. Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter: Galactic Jungle 1, [https://listenonrepeat.com/?v=5OMcYProibI#Galactic_Jungle_1_-_Drawn_to_Life%3A_The_Next_Chapter_Soundtrack]
  11. Everythings back to normal?