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    New bio cuz I'm bored!

    Hi, my name is Michael. I try to frequent this place every so often. Not nearly as much as I used to and I technically don't qualify as a teen anymore, but I like to talk to people occasionally. Feel free to message me about whatever.

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    somewhere small
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    Video games and anime are cool. Manga too.

    I also do art. I'm self taught and am not really much good but I occasionally do something I like lol. Don't think I'll really post any to the forum but if art's your thing, I'm happy to talk lol
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    Student. Hope to be a teaching assistant (at least for now I guess lol)
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    Don't even know anymore lol
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  1. LittleMac

    Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?

    Massive introvert I kinda like having time to myself, and I'm okay not having a massive social circle. But even when I want to socialize, it just feels very difficult for me and I feel like I have to leave just to get back to a quiet space lol
  2. Citizen Kane Nerd thinks he's cool because his suit came from space
  3. LittleMac

    Do You Prefer Cake or Pie?

    Even just dessert pies, I'd probably go for them over cake I like cake but it can sometimes feel like too much lol
  4. Zootopia or Zootropolis depending on where you live lol Will Smith lies to a pufferfish for financial gain
  5. LittleMac

    Favorite animal

    I'm not sure I have one favourite animal, I find a lot of them fascinating The jumping spider would probably be a contender, since they're so intelligent despite being so small I also really like owls. I'm not super fussed on birds in general, but owls are very beautiful creatures The only other one I can think of might be whales, because it genuinely kinda scares me how big those things get lol
  6. LittleMac

    Do You Prefer Cake or Pie?

    Pie, because it's more diverse Pie can be sweet like cake, but can also be filled with savoury stuff like meat or whatever. Can't put meat in a cake, at least not without changing it to the point it isn't even a cake anymore
  7. LittleMac

    Digital Art vs Hand Drawn?

    Oh yeah, I can't imagine drawing on a tablet after spending so long with physical paper. The hand eye coordination would be totally different, I hear it's like learning to draw all over again
  8. LittleMac

    Digital Art vs Hand Drawn?

    Do you mean better as in more convenient? I would say hand drawn art would develop a higher level of skill in the long term, and I don't just say that because I'm a traditional artist lol. It's factually just more technically demanding than digital art, which has a lot more accommodating features to work with (line correction, being able to instantly flip the piece to check for mistakes, a massive colour palette, etc.). Not to do down digital art, and I hope I don't come off as snobby. Plenty of digital artists are leagues better than me lol. But, like anything, I think the more difficult option will end up being the one that develops your skill as an artist more.
  9. LittleMac

    Get to know you better

    If we're talking about food, usually the kinda where you have to book a spot. There's this gorgeous Chinese restaurant I'll usually go to on my birthday and getting a proper 3 course meal is a rare treat. Generally though, and especially if I'm on my own, I would go to a cheap place. Maybe even a fast food place like McDonald's or some café. That way I can get my food, go to a table and not worry about interacting with a waiter (most waiters are lovely, I'm just anti social lol) and also not worry about it being too expensive. What do you do to relax and relieve stress?
  10. LittleMac

    Get to know you better

    Not physical lists, but I do try to mentally make a list of things I want to do by the end of the day and take them one at a time. What kind of person would you look up to and admire?
  11. LittleMac

    True Or False!

    True. You might even say exclusively so lol T/f you read comic books
  12. LittleMac

    Do You Prefer....

    Red velvet all the way. I remember having this red velvet doughnut with a cream cheese frosting filling and it was beautiful lol Do you prefer sweet or savoury food?
  13. Either spring or autumn Winter is my least favourite. I can handle the cold but I can't deal with the ice and how it gets darker so much earlier, it's a very depressing season Summer isn't too bad but I can handle cold weather much better than hot weather. That is when we get hot weather tho, my country gets rain mostly throughout summer and it feels like false advertising at that point lol Spring and autumn are great in-between seasons where the weather is usually alright. I'd say autumn might slightly be my favourite, I quite like the look of the leaves and all during that time
  14. LittleMac

    Get to know you better

    Bacon. Then again, bacon is just a good meat for any time of day lol Do you have any bizarre fears?
  15. LittleMac

    True Or False!

    True, don't actually have much of a sweet tooth T/f you have a trampoline