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    New bio cuz I'm bored!

    Hi, my name is Michael. I try to frequent this place every so often. Not nearly as much as I used to and I technically don't qualify as a teen anymore, but I like to talk to people occasionally. Feel free to message me about whatever.

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    somewhere small
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    Video games and anime are cool. Manga too.

    I also do art. I'm self taught and am not really much good but I occasionally do something I like lol. Don't think I'll really post any to the forum but if art's your thing, I'm happy to talk lol
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    Student. Hope to be a teaching assistant (at least for now I guess lol)
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    Don't even know anymore lol
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  1. LittleMac

    the person below me

    I watch YouTube way more than I watch TV or even Netflix or anything like that The person below me works in an office?
  2. LittleMac

    True Or False!

    False, kinda numb to it lol T/f, you like birds? (The Area 51 thing was kinda real as far as I know, but it was literally just a bunch of people hanging out on the outskirts of the area, taking pictures and stuff. I don't think anyone was stupid enough to charge headfirst into a military base, which surprised me cuz I assumed at least one person would chance their arm)
  3. LittleMac

    Caption the avatar above you...

    Easy being green, it is not
  4. LittleMac

    ban the person above me

    Banned because your avatar is fast, if we're going by the logic of the star wars prequels
  5. LittleMac

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    CTF is definitely a lot more pleasant nowadays than Twitter. I question why I even have a Twitter account sometimes lol
  6. LittleMac

    Get to know you better

    Thankfully no, or at least not to my knowledge. Definitely no life threatening ones so even if I might have a bad reaction to some kind of food out there, I guess I could at least ignore it and keep eating lol What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?
  7. LittleMac

    Have You Ever

    I barely celebrate the holidays of my own country lol. I'd be interested in celebrating the holiday of another country, get some culture in me, but I don't even know of anyone within my general circle of people who celebrate anything that isn't just the normal Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. Have you ever been stuck in a lift/elevator?
  8. LittleMac

    Have You Ever

    I have, a few times when I was at Disneyland. Even went on one with a loop-de-loop Have you ever dressed up for Halloween, besides when you were a kid?
  9. LittleMac

    Get to know you better

    Nope. I definitely should, would improve my mood a lot. But I subsist off of soda mostly, with only the occasional drink of water lol Do you eat a lot of meat?
  10. LittleMac

    The Corrupt a Wish Game

    Granted, you go to a dimension where the world is in a Planet of the Apes scenario and humans are enslaved I wish for a bowl of oatmeal
  11. LittleMac

    The Corrupt a Wish Game

    Granted, a plate of still living slugs. Bon appetit I wish to be a musician
  12. LittleMac

    What would you do if....

    Owning a business like that sounds like a large amount of responsibility all at once. I'd have to hire a team or something to help me manage it without going bankrupt lol What would you do if you were invisible?
  13. LittleMac

    Have You Ever

    Probably, I don't check my emails a lot though. I'm pretty sure I've seen those type of emails, bit I just ignore them lol Have you ever been to a country that speaks a different language? (Ah, I getcha. I always associate "senpai notice me" with an anime girl saying it, so I've always thought of it being like a crush noticing you. As for what you describe, can't say that's happened to me. I post to a couple different social medias but don't get much attention. There was one time I thought someone I admired liked my work but it turned out to be a fan account with a similar avatar lol)
  14. LittleMac

    True Or False!

    False. I remember I tried to watch the Olympics one year and if they're on, I guess I'll give them a watch. But I can't really think of a reason to care about the Olympics in particular. Like there are plenty of times stuff like gymnastics and other things are on the rest of the year, so it isn't that big a thing for me T/f, you enjoy writing
  15. LittleMac

    Get to know you better

    Definitely a disorganized person. Even when I try to organise myself, it's very scuffed and is something only I can really wrap my head around and not even that we'll tbh lol. Like, I could have a nice little binder or something to keep my artwork in, or I could just dump them all in my art drawer, where everything gets mixed up but hey, I know it's definitely in there so that counts for something lol Do you like attention from others?