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  1. SortaVulcan

    Any Overwatch Players?

    I started playing comp as a tank/support flex. Bronze being bronze, I am now stuck as a Mercy main. Whoops. So now I'm playing anything but Mercy in every other game mode in an effort to slow my descent into one-trick-pony. (don't get me wrong, I enjoy her a lot; but it can get really old playing only mercy. I'm really looking forward to her rework)
  2. SortaVulcan

    Any Overwatch Players?

    I think I'm finally getting better at this game. I placed around 1000 sr this season, but I've climbed almost 400 sr so far; and I just played a competitive match today as D.Va where I got 46 elims and 38 objective kills, which was fun. I'm hoping to climb back up into silver, and maybe hit gold next season.
  3. SortaVulcan

    Any Overwatch Players?

    No, it's 1st person only unless you are just spectating a game.
  4. SortaVulcan

    Any Overwatch Players?

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. It is a pretty fun game mode! The All Heroes mode can be... interesting though; Tracer/McCree/Junkrat/Mercy is a really hard team comp on the Mercy player. =_=
  5. SortaVulcan

    Any Overwatch Players?

    I got Mercy's Combat Medic Ziegler skin in a lootbox yesterday, which was sweet since I've actually been playing Mercy a lot recently. She can be quite fun if there's enough of your team nearby to help you not get murdered. I'm still awful at getting decent rezzes though (I'm lucky if I can get even 3 people in them). Now whenever I play Zenyatta I keep wanting to use Guardian Angel, haha.
  6. SortaVulcan

    Any Overwatch Players?

    Cool! Lol, "only lv 120" you say to the lv 30. XD I'm mostly a Zarya/Zenyatta main (Zarya's my fav, but I'll go Zen if nobody else picks a healer). I should really learn a DPS and Defence hero as well, but the nice thing about maining a tank and a support is that they're both useful in almost any team.
  7. SortaVulcan

    Any Overwatch Players?

    I got Overwatch recently on the PS4 and I've been having a ton of fun with it; so if anyone else has it for PS4 and is looking for someone to play with, let me know! (although I am only level 17, so I still need a lot of practice)
  8. SortaVulcan

    MCR And Why They're Considered "Evil"

    Maybe I live under a rock, but I've never heard MCR called satanic before. Emo or scene? Yes. Evil? Not so much.
  9. SortaVulcan

    Your Top 3 All-Time Games

    This is the first I've heard of it; although I feel like I recognize the name Neir from somewhere.
  10. SortaVulcan

    Your Top 3 All-Time Games

    Well, it's in my top 3 games; so I personally think it's awesome. It has beautiful graphics and art style, great writing and characters, lots of dialogue and lore, and ton of playable content (I think I sunk around 130 hours into that game). I really loved playing it.
  11. SortaVulcan

    Your Top 3 All-Time Games

    Ooh, that's a really hard question. I guess that my top 3 would most likely be: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Dragon age: Inquisition Portal 2
  12. SortaVulcan

    Bethesda Games

    Knights of The Old Republic and Dragon Age: Inquisition are probably my top 2; and I would love to play the Mass Effect games someday as well.
  13. SortaVulcan

    Bethesda Games

    I'm more of a Bioware fan myself; but I'm enjoying my first playthrough of Skyrim so far.
  14. SortaVulcan

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Kung Fury 30 minutes of cheesy non-stop 80s-style action, with a nonsense plot about a cop turned kung-fu superhero who travels back through time to kill Hitler. It was amazing.
  15. SortaVulcan

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    I bought Dragon Age: Inquisition for the PS4 a little while ago, so I've been playing that. This is my first time playing through this game, and it's amazing. I'm romancing Solas though, and I may have read some spoilers about him (why does this always happen to me? I have no self control regarding spoilers sometimes), so there goes a huge plot twist right down the drain. xD Oh well, I still enjoy the game, and I'll try to avoid reading any more.