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  1. Petra Ral

    Be careful, teens

    I was nearly a victim of online child-predators. Short temper and arrogance are the biggest problems I have with my emotion. As soon as someone says something unpleasant, I’ll immediately snap back without any sense of right and wrong. And that’s how it began. It’s comletely annoying when someone in a chat-room for teens told the others that I was a perverted old man when I'm not in fact. In order to prove that guy that I’m a real teenager, I turned my web-cam on and showed my face to the whole chat-room. However, that wonderful feeling of victory over someone didn’t last long. A private message appeared, and that same guy who had said that I was an old man told me that he had recorded me and said he would use the footage for a bad purpose. Then he asked me to perform sexual acts on cam if I wanted that footage to be deleted. At this point my brain completely froze, however I still had a bit of sense left to tell my friends on the chat that someone was threatening me. That guy soon logged out, but then came back with a different name, and even used a screenshot taken from my footage as his avatar, which drived me crazy, and then he offered me “another chance to think again”. Thankfully my good friend told me to stay firm and keep talking to him until a Moderator came and dealed with him. “Fine, I still have the footage to work with” was the last thing that guy said before getting kicked; and though everything is going fine with my life so far, I’m still living with the fear of my face appearing on dirty websites. If someone does the same thing to you, remember, no matter what they want you to do, DON'T DO IT! Report your issue to the Admin and Moderators of the chat room in order to have the predator's IP and ban him. If things get worse, like that he starts black-mailing or wants to meet you in real life, contact to the local authority. Be wise, my friends, and may none of us have to be in this terrible situation. ~Petra~
  2. I would like to reccommend "Grave of the fireflies". It's a Japanese animation movie about life of two siblings after their mother died during World War II. The ending really makes me cry. Here's the link to the full movie:
  3. Petra Ral

    What Instrument/s Do You Play?

    Piano and violin. A bit of harp, too.
  4. You wicked little thing. Don't tell me that the one I met was also your twin brother.

  5. Petra Ral


    I once asked for my twin brother to dress as me to approach a cute guy I had my eyes on while on vacation, because I was too shy to talk to him. And frantically that boy seemed to be interested in me, or to be exact, my twin brother who dressed up as me. You can't imagine his face when I told him "Well, the one talking to you this whole time was actually my twin brother." on the last day of the vacation.
  6. Halo! Du bist weist?

  7. Petra Ral


    Nice to see you here, Levi.
  8. Petra Ral

    Traveling in Italy

    We're going to have our summer vacation in Italy, starting with Torino, and then Milan, Florence, Rome, also a bit of Vatican, Napoli, and then Palermo. I would like to ask you for some tips while traveling and interesting places that not many people know. Thanks for reading.
  9. Petra Ral

    Songs That Makes You Cry...

    Wow, I love Andrea Bocelli, too!
  10. Petra Ral

    Hi everyone

    Greetings to you all. I'm new here. Hope we get along well.
  11. I really loved dolls when I was a child, so Mama had this book for me. It's also the first English book I read. I'm still having it on my bookshelf.
  12. Petra Ral

    Friends with a Non-believer?

    It's okay. Most of my friends are non-believers, yet we get along really well. If you respect each other's belief and point of view, nothing bad can happen.