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    I'm Zoey. 16. From the US. I have a rough past... I have scars that will never fade. And I wish I could say that I'm not ashamed of them... but I def am. I am depressed and i have been for years. If you caught on to what I was implying, I haven't done that for about 3 months :) I'm kind of a loner, but I try to talk to people. I want to make friends. That's why I joined this site. I want everyone who's reading this to know that if you ever feel alone, need some advice and want someone to talk to, or just want a friend, I'M HERE FOR YOU :D If you're going through emotional pain, Don't hold it in! Please! Don't do it! It'll only make it a lot harder than it needs to be. I want you to be happy. Please talk to me. It doesn't even have to be me.. It can be anyone.. Just don't keep it to yourself. Please. Okay... Enough with the depressingness... I promise I'm usually not a depressing person (on the outside) XD MESSAGGEEE MEEE!!! Okay... I'm done now XD
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    Minecraft, Anime, Anything You Can Read, Tumblr, and Christianity (obviously)
    Music is my life. It saves my soul. Seriously tho, I wouldn't be here right now if i didn't have some of the songs that taught me to carry on #welcometotheblackparade ;D
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    Paleontologist (hopefully) :D
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  1. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    Hi! I'm new.

    hi Delores Welcome to the site We're glad to have you here I can try to help you out with your writing. I'm trying to get somewhere with mine as well
  2. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    your last week

    I'd spend my time with my twin cousin (Rayna) and my Uncle Grandpa. They are the two most important people in my life.. Neither of them are believers and I'd wanna spend as much time as I have left with them while I still can
  3. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    Hi, I would also need your help

    Hi friend I'm Zoey. Welcome to our place of holiness I'd def use that app It sounds like a really good idea
  4. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    Hey there!

    Hiiii welcome to the site! I'm Zoey
  5. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    Please pray for my friend...

    will do! I'm sorry man :/ I hope things will get a little brighter for you guys soon...
  6. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    New Girl

    reading is fun and Esther? that's an awesome name! I like it
  7. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    New Girl

    Welcome to the family new friend I'm Zoey Can't wait to get to know you
  8. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    Hi! I'm new here! Looking forward to make great friends. :))

    My first name is Zoey Imma female I'm 16 and my birthday is on the 31st of March I'm from the US I'm in my sophomore year of high school and I'm having mixed emotions about school letting out for the summer XD I love writing (in general but usually poetry), reading is a passion for me (harry potter=life), music saved my soul can't live without it and the rest of my life is dedicated to minecraft XD I'm sure we'll have fun together! Welcome to the family Nelson (cool name btw)
  9. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain

    Wesker on Bryce on the Catholic Church

    Your signature is confusing XD
  10. My day's been good, thanks! Are you excited for the weekend? :D

    1. AugustBurnsAsAshesRemain


      Hacks yeah :P schools lame :)

  11. Welcome to CTF, Zoey! :D I hope you enjoy it here!