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    This place is so quiet its spooky

    Hiiiiiii, I'm still here!
  2. Delores Stariana

    since I should do it anyway

  3. Delores Stariana

    since I should do it anyway

    Hi Jazzy!
  4. Delores Stariana


    Hi Snowlight! Beautiful username. Welcome! I'm always free for a chat, though I sometimes neglect this site. Anywaysssss, welcome! it's lovely to have you here.
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    Prayer for a friend

  6. Delores Stariana


    Welcome back!!
  7. Delores Stariana

    Guess who's back

    Hey y'all! Don't know how many of you remember me, but voila! Here I am. I love the changes. Anywayssss, hiiiiii!!! :p
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    Guess who's back

    Hey there!
  9. Delores Stariana

    Guess who's back

    Eek! I hope you have a great rest of your summer as well as your year!!
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    Guess who's back

    Just getting ready for college at the end of the month. I'm good; thanks! How are you? What's up? Thanks so much!!
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    Hello again

    Welcome back!
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    Picture Post

    So cute!
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    Can you be gay and believe in god?

    I believe you can. I'm bi. NOW. I personally will always choose to be celibate in my attraction to females because I don't want to do anything to risk God's disapproval or to hurt my conservative family. He will love you as He loves everyone else. It depends on what you're doing, whether he will approve or not. You have to make up your mind whether what you do will please God or not. He will judge you. NOW. . .it's not our place to judge you. What you choose to do with your life is your choice and we have to respect that. Only God can judge you. But He does love you, no matter what, even if you hurt Him. It really depends on your interpretation and what you feel to be right. I don't feel it to be right to engage in same sex relationships, I feel that to be wrong, so I choose not to. You have to make your own mind up. Sorry, this isn't very helpful.
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    Decribe The Person Above You In One Word

  15. Delores Stariana

    In the Last 24 Hours

    Nope. In the last 24 hours have you played a computer game?
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    Guess who's back

  17. Delores Stariana

    Guess who's back

    Yayyyy I REMEMBER YOU TOO. Um, life is hectic and not great but ehhhhhh. It's all goooooood. How are you? Thanks so much! Hi! I remember you too! How are you??
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    Picture Post

  19. *dances awkwardly*

    1. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      *falls over* oof! 

    2. Buoyancy


      -cha chas real smooth-


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    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Eeeeeeek, life has been hecticccccccccc. ooooooof.
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    ban the person above me

    Banned because it's fun to ban people!
  22. Delores Stariana

    Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s)

    I'm bisexual and a non-denom and living with strict parents. Yayyyy. I go in between considering myself straight and bi because I lean so strongly toward preferences with guys.