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  1. I'm seventeen and I have a lot of problems with self worth and self confidence. I've never thought I was good enough. My boyfriend and I just broke up a month ago, but when I was with him, I was finally happy. He always told me I was a beautiful creature made by God and that I would be the perfect help meet when we came of age. We broke up because I couldn't give him the attention he needed right now because we aren't married and I'm busy with home and school. But now that we're not together, I'm stuck in the same hole I was two years ago.. Is it wrong that I need a man to make me happy and feel good enough? My friends keep telling me I should be happy with who I am and I don't need a man to make me happy.. But I really feel like I do. Is that wrong?
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!
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    Hey there! My name is Kay. Hoping to get some advice and insite on some topics. Hope to talk to some nice people too!
  4. So my boyfriend is a very devoted Christian. He lives by the bible, studies it, goes to church every Sunday and prays before every meal. Myself, not so much. I am a believer, but it hasn't always been a hue part of my life, even though I wish it had been. I've been trying to learn, but our relationship has become very hard for me.. The rules of it are, no kissing, only side hugs, no hand holding, no sitting beside in the car, no sitting beside each other at the movies and never be alone. This is extremely different for me, as I have never had this kind of relationship before. Is this normal for a Christian relationship? How am I supposed to change my world entirely to make this work? Any advice??