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    Indeed! Thanks for this
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    Indeed! Thanks for this
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    someone, help...

    @lost.teenager www.catholic.com/tracts/do-catholics-worship-statues, this may help.
  4. Brian_o_Mars

    someone, help...

    I never said Catholics worship statues. His parent definitely would not give him the cross to worship, but people and he may make the mistake of worshipping it. I know the Church's stance on the statues and cross.
  5. Brian_o_Mars

    someone, help...

    As a Pentecostal, I would indeed tell you to run from it, but perhaps you are Catholic and you were raised with that kind of worship, I'll just tell you, it is not necessary to use those in worship but if you are forced to, don't Pray to the cross or the statue, that'll be Idolatry in it's purest form. They can help in worship sometimes, but they shouldn't be what is worshipped. We worship Jesus, the living God, not a statue.
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    someone, help...

    You're rich in knowledge!
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    someone, help...

    You're rich in knowledge!
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    someone, help...

    well seems we have a lot more in common, I was also into the rock thing, my fav back then were bvb, falling in reverse, and one other band, forgotten their name. Well it was quite cool, I thought then, I wasn't as deep as you are now though. What I'd say again is to get help from someone. Just as Marley said, if you're sad, listening to sad songs isn't going to help. Likewise, if you self-harm listening to songs that sometimes detail self-harm can't help. They may not be real demonic, but what's the use listening to something like "dragging dead bodies up real steep hills" (that was one of my favourite songs back then). I wouldn't tell you to delete the songs and do away with them cause I know how extremely hard it was for me then. What I'll say is: Firstly, try occupying your mind with other things, not necessarily Bible and Christian stuffs, just other stuffs. One saying that helped me in my addictions was "if you are going to deal with an addiction, get a new one". Probably get addicted to Justin Beiber, or Usher or Beyonce, then from there you can progress further and go on to Lecrae then on to Detrick Haddon, then Donnie Mcclurkin, then the very sober Don moen. It is almost difficult from Black Veil Brides to Christian stuff, just go progressively. I must tell you, it was very hard for me, I still struggle with some other addiction even till now, but with your passion and determination, I know God's grace would get you better.
  9. Brian_o_Mars

    By Grace or By DOing the Good works.??

    You could have told me all these already, was a good read, your definition of the actual good work clarified it all. Thanks for that.
  10. Brian_o_Mars


    I actually really don't know where to start here. Okay on Saturday 23/05/2015, after much arguments and excuse giving I did go out to preach the gospel. There's too much details to go into but that'll take out the point of this testimony. My point here is to thank God for his grace, cause I can't just imagine someone like me with my past, actually holding a bible and reading it, let alone going out to preach it. I cannot comprehend God's grace. Some of you may see me as proud and vain here, "you're not the only one to go out and share the gospel", but what I don't understand is how far God has brought me in my Christian journey. From what I was to what I am, it's simply just beyond me. I should be condemned for the life I've lived but what do I get Grace. Really, this Grace is just real.
  11. Brian_o_Mars

    Incest in the Bible?

    There are lost of incestous relationships in the Bible, a lot or obviously seen as evil and sin, but few aren't and I'm wondering the inconsistency, one example is Abraham marrying Sarah who he said is his sister Genesis 20:12. It is not stated or implied that Go opposed the marriage. Any explanation for this?
  12. Brian_o_Mars

    By Grace or By DOing the Good works.??

    @Jesusismyticket I never said Good works is not important, the point I held there was works never played a part in our salvation based on Pauline's doctrines. In fact, I believe good works should be emphasised as this is part of the roles we are required to play in the world, being charitable, putting others first, but my argument was, those things didn't play a part in our salvation. But after a very constructive argument with @NiceneNerd, I had to rethink, he posed wonderful questions and spoke in a very constructive manner and me not being a brainwashed christian that holds blindly my Church's doctrines, I've had to rethink even I hadn't thought about this very well before jumping in the debate (lesson I've learnt). Right now though, I still hold the Sola gratia doctrine because like I said, I'm still rethinking, when I'm done I'll weigh the two doctrines and see which is true. One thing Nicene Nerd, how then do you explain the perceived contradiction in James 2 and Romans 4:2-4 and Titus 3:4-5
  13. Brian_o_Mars

    someone, help...

    I once had a major addiction that almost killed me, but I didn't learn any lesson and kept on, I came to Christ and still continued, this addiction help me bound for up to 5 years. I'm not an expert in addiction, I don't even know anything there but I'll tell you what I did that got me out of it. Just a simple conversation with a trusted Christian. If you're a teenager, speak with a youth, if you're Youth, speak with an Adult. This was simply what I did, I would recommend you'll try that. I can quote scriptures for you, but as the other person said, it really won't help, just sum up courage and go speak with a Christian, that's all. The devil can't hold us bound any longer. God bless.
  14. Brian_o_Mars

    Questions For Catholics

    Firstly, thanks for actually returning. I know and am totally aware that I sound quite argumentative though I'm claiming not to be, this is just how I discuss issues like this, I can't help but get defensive and even offensive. I already apologized before hand. To the case of the Quran, I refuse to engage in further discussions about that. I really cannot understand you defending a religion that is clearly made and designed on and for War. My mum preached to a Muslim once, he told her there and right to her face that if not that he loves her and wants her as a girlfriend, he'd have killed for preaching to him. I don't see how you can defend Islam, look at Bangladesh, just saying you're an atheist, now you're not attacking Islam, just saying you don't believe in a God, you get hacked to death, and no Imam, no single Imam (well maybe a few) had come out to criticise it. I can't go further on this, let it just end, I just can't understan you here at all. About Protestanism, I do understand what you mean, my views are quite Protestant, Pentecostal churches are still under the Protestant, body, but for personally, I refuse to identify as Protestant, but remain Pentecostal, you may not understand but I do and I believe God understands me. About protesting as a christian, Jesus protested but not in the way Martin Luther did. Jesus would not nail his thesis on a church's door, something he knows would generally cause an uproar, Jesus for crying out loud, would never set up an army to fight. No you imagine Jesus leading an army to war, even if your views are true, you don't use carnal weapons to fight God's war, 2 Corinthians 10:4. This and many more are my oppositions to the Protestant Reformation. I am not against the actual Reformation, I am against the means of the reformation and even the reformers, I read Martin Luther allowed his friend take a second wife and told me to make it secret. How can I identify with such people? 2. Science is a field that tries to explain the universe and all that happens in it without the existence of a God or creator, that's science in it's simplest definition. Science and all it's findings are carried out without considering a creator, Religion on the other hand identifies a creator and trys to relate the creator to the created. I know that not all scientist are atheist, I'm a science student myself, but science as a field is Atheistical. You can't speak of God and Science. Forgive me but you are sounding like you don't even believe the creation story and if indeed you don't believe in it, then the pope is even better than you, cause he believes in it but just trys to intertwine it with evolution. The Evolution and Big Bang theory may come from a catholic, great, speaking with you, this doesn't surprise me, it even makes me believe that the catholic church perhaps teaches their members to explore other ideas, as Genesis 1 is just to mythical to believe #justsaying. About the site, I did tell you to explore the site, that page I sent was just an introductory page to the Creation idea. Now pls would like you to send this to our Big Bang and evolution theorist friends and tell get them to answer these questions, and when the do (rather If they do) pls and pls do send the answers to me, I need to learn too. Not if they don't, parallel Science to the kind of wisdom Apostle spoke about in 1 Corinthians 3:19-20, the Scriptural quotation in verse 19 says "for God traps the wise in their cleverness", the same science that formulated Evolution cannot answer these questions, what do they do, they throw it away and as you have said, they fail to recognize the field as a branch of science, come to think of it, the Universal acceptance of Evolution and the Big Bang theory should have made the science societies make to a Law, why is it still a theory? They know that there are still questions that needs to be answered, they are indeed trapped in their cleverness. All Glory and Power be to the Most High God. I'll still tell you to explore the site, go round and read, don't just bash an idea, at least give it room first. 3. After reading this here, I want to tell you that you are actually taking me further from Catholicism than bringing me closer. You a human being, someone who is a Christian actually said "No-one here is going to prove Catholicism or her doctrines to you and frankly no-one has to. You are not a catch for the Catholic world, whether you convert or not is not a matter of the slightest import(ance) to anyone but you yourself". I don't even know how to address this. Honestly, if you can be sincere to yourself, take this quote to your Priest and say, "someone said this, what do you think of this". Now being a Catholic Priest, I don't know what would possibly be his response, nothing would actually surprise me. But what I believe I real Christian would say would be related to this. I. Christ was fully bothered and worried for sinners whenever he saw them. He felt compassion for them and wanted nothing but eternal life for them II. The apostle risked their lives and indeed died for the gospel. The gospel being the conversion of sinners, they were indeed bothered and their conversion was of the highest importance for them. To the Apostle Paul it was even more important to him than going to heaven quickly. Philippians 1:23-24 "I am pulled in two directions. I want very much to leave this life and be with Christ, which is a far better thing. But for your sake it is much more important that I remain alive". Here Paul says dying would bring him closer to Christ, which is better than living, but for the sake of the conversion and retention of salvation of the Philippian Church which is much more important, he is remaining alive. To Christ the conversion of a soul is very important, to the Apostles the conversion of a soul is much more important than they even leaving this world of suffering and going to heaven, but to you, supporting Islam and backing Evolution and Big Bang is way more important than conversion (this I say, because you spent time showing me the peaceful vrses of the Quran, you spent time defending Evolution and rubbishing Creation science, but you spent little time, you didn't even try to convert me at all). What can I say here, I'm simply just taken aback by all these. I have been hearing a lot of things about the Catholic church and I never believed any, now after this, nothing can surprise me anymore. I'll Pray for you now after sending this message and I hope that other people do. You may decide not to reply me any further, although I'll be pained but it's your choice, just pls ask the Spirit to help you see things, read the scriptures, don't wait for the Priest before you can read it, read the scriptures (I mean you never even, none of you infact, support your claims with Scriptures, I'm not claiming perfection here, but it'd be better if we do) One more thing pls, about that Christmas stuff pls can you and other people pls tell me what's confusing in my explanation, pls tell me where I need to expanciate, my calculations are straight forward, get a Jewish Calendar, get the gregorian equivalent, get a summary of the Yom Kippur festival/rituals, get a calculator and finally get a bible. Oh maybe it's the sharing of the priests into orders, well check 1 Chronicles 24:7-18, any other thing you need pls do tell me. Once more I apologize for the tone of my messages, just can't help it.